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IDP recently launched a new WordPress web design project for Allegra Learning.  Allegra Learning provides nursing and healthcare professionals CE credits online.  This was a website re-design project.  The client already had a web site that was working OK for selling and providing online learning but it was getting very dated and it was not responsive.  The previous web development projects was built custom.  The new site we converted into a WordPress website.  The project included graphic design, web page mockups, home page slider, responsive development, custom programming, web development, WordPress development, CE Broker integration and E-Commerce.  Check out the new site at

wordpress web design project

The biggest component of this project was the learning management software (LMS).  The LMS system provides the functionality for students to enroll in courses, take lessons and complete exams among other things.  For this project we used the LearnDash LMS system.  LearnDash is a WordPress paid plugin module that includes all of the standard LMS functionality.  IDP was responsible for installing the plugin, configuring and customizing the skin and templates, setting up the curriculum and completion certificates.  Our developers ended up doing a lot of custom programming on this project.  There were some things that the LMS software solution did not do that we needed to add some custom programming to solve.

The biggest challenge of this project was taking the existing website database from the old system and merging it with the new WordPress LearnDash software system.  The client already had a large e-commerce online LMS system with students, courses, course history, certificates and affiliates.  All of the old data had to be imported and merged with the new LMS system.  The student user accounts we were able to write a custom script to import into WordPress and they became WordPress / LearnDash users in the new system.  The old course data and completed certificates data we had to get creative and do some problem solving.  Data migration from an old site to a new site is often the most challenging and overlooked piece of a web project like this.

The e-commerce component of this project utilizes easy digital downloads.  The affiliates portion of the project utilizes wp affiliates.  LearnDash LMS system works very well with both of these plugins.

We were able to build the project in a way that all of the WordPress updates, LearnDash updates and other plugin updates can all be applied normally without breaking the site.  There was a lot of custom programming that had to be completed to make this project successful.  It is very important to build a site like this in such a way that WordPress software updates and plugin updates can be successfully installed.



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IDP recently completed a new web development project for Community Buying Group.  CBG is a long time client and IDP has done many projects for them in the past.  This project involved re-building a custom PHP web application from scratch and building it on the Yii Framework.  The original application was dated and showing its age.  Originally it was built on a custom PHP framework.  The new and improved application running on the Yii framework will be easier to develop and maintain going forward with future development.  The project included e-commerce integration with Stripe, API integration with Salesforce, custom PHP development, Yii Framework development, submit form signups to join CBG, custom fields and memberships, estimate your savings graphical sliders, administrator control panel development and many other things that cannot all be listed out here!  Sum it up to say this was a big, complicated custom PHP programming project.

One of the hardest parts of the project was integrating it with a WordPress frontend and setting up the application part to run in a sub-directory of WordPress.  We ran into a lot of technical challenges on this project.  The project was completed in 4-5 months. The final product is impressive.  It is an enterprise level web application system.  It runs on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine on PHP7 and Nginx, so it truly is the latest and greatest technology.  Check out the new site at

custom PHP development

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Did you know Internet Design & Publishing, Inc has been developing custom PHP web applications and web sites since 2003?  Yes we are old timers for sure.  When we started building websites everything was built in HTML Tables.  Now HTML Tables are considered like the plague.  Web page design is truly a constantly changing environment. The key to success in the web development world is to embrace change and evolve as the technologies around you evolve.  Don’t stand still, you have to keep moving forward.  ADAPT and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


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IDP launched a new website design for Kids TLC this month.  This was a pretty big undertaking.  There are a lot of pages and content on the site and the client was going thru a re-write of most of the content and pages at the same time.  The client had an existing site that had become very large and pieced together.  It was getting hard to update and keep current with new technology.  The website design project was a complete re-build from scratch.  Kids TLC is a great Kansas City non-profit organization that transforms thousands of children’s lives each year through innovative and successful psychiatric treatment, outpatient behavioral health, homeless teen outreach, autism and parent support programs. IDP is thrilled to work with our new client Kids TLC!

The website design project was a WordPress content management system responsive design job. We developed the new site on WordPress so the client can manage and maintain the site.  The new website features a full width responsive design, home page banner slider, call to action buttons, drop down navigation menu, lots and lots of pages, language translation, social media integration, donation integration and a blog.  Check out the newest web design from Internet Design & Publishing!


WordPress Web Hosting for New Web Site

IDP is also providing web hosting for the new site. We have been doing web hosting in Kansas City since 2003. WordPress hosting done correctly is harder than you might think.  The software needs to be updated regularly and needs to be built in such a way that you can update the site without it breaking.  The software needs to be secure.  we recommend installing Sucuri WordPress security plugin and going thru the hardening process to harden the file system.  The website needs to be fast and you need to go thru some speed optimization to get the software running fast.  The website needs to be setup for search engines and we recommend installing Yoast SEO module on the software, configuring the XML sitemaps, integrating with Google Webmaster account and Google Analytics.

If you need help with your web hosting or web design contact IDP! We love this type of work!


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IDP recently launched a new Lee’s Summit web design project for the Lee’s Summit Symphony. You can visit the new website at  IDP has been a long time Lee’s Summit business so we were happy to work on this project for such a great local organization.  The web design project features online ticket sales, online donations, home page slideshow, mobile responsive design, blog news section and a photo gallery.  We really enjoyed working with the Lee’s Summit Symphony, it is a great organization, and we decided to become a Gold Level Sponsor of the Symphony.

The LS Symphony project is another WordPress powered web design completed by IDP.  The site functionality and design is all built into the WordPress content management system software.  The organization is able to manage and maintain their own website thru the WordPress admin.  The ticket sales are being handled thru a ticket sales plugin.  The donations are being handled thru integration with a donation software the client uses.  The photo gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin.  The home page features a large rotating slideshow, a social media feed, a blog news feed, a video and responsive template.  There is also a contact form with an anti spam captcha.


Check out our Newest Web Design!

Lees Summit Web Design for LS Symphony

Lee’s Summit Web Hosting

IDP also took over web hosting for the new client.  We migrated their old website and launched the new website for them, including doing the DNS edits to switch the domain name over.  We specialize in WordPress hosting and are able to optimize the website for search engine optimization and for speed optimization.  The website is setup on our backup software and backups are run every evening.  Security hardening on the site was completed post launch in order to prevent malware and hacking.  All of our web hosting clients are setup with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts to monitor and measure traffic analytics and health.  IDP has been doing web hosting and email hosting in Lees Summit, Missouri and the Kansas City area since 2003.  Our dedicated web servers are located at Netstandard Data Center in Kansas City.


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IDP recently completed a website re-design project for AHNCC. The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) is a holistic nursing certification organization.  The client had an existing website but it was very old, outdated and not mobile friendly.  AHNCC wanted to develop a responsive, modern website with a content management system so that they could manage the website and the certification documents.

The project was completed in approximately 6 weeks.  We worked with the client to identify the design layout and function of the new home page and to plan out the project. All of our WordPress themes are hand coded custom themes. The web design project was built on WordPress content management system.  WordPress allows the client to manage and update their own web page content.  The project included graphic design work, home page mockups, Bootstrap responsive framework, WordPress template development, web development, slideshow carousel, calendar plugin, submit forms and integration with Caspio software.


You can visit the new website at

WordPress Web Design

IDP has been developing web pages since 2003.  During that time we have worked with about every CMS software system out there including Joomla, Umbraco, Drupal, DotNetNuke, custom CMS, Magento.  In the last 2-3 years we have concentrated mostly on WordPress development.  Customers are happy with WordPress, it is easy to manage and learn.  There are lots of plugins available for WordPress which makes it easy to add additional functionality that is commonly needed on websites.  WordPress is SEO friendly and it is easy to update the software and host. Focusing on WordPress has made us more efficient.  Instead of jumping around from CMS to CMS like we used to do we have been able to dive deep into WordPress functions, development and integration.  We also host a lot of WordPress websites and have become very familiar with WordPress security, backups, malware prevention and support.


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WordPress is an amazing content management system solution.  We have been in business building websites since 2003 and we have experience with Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, DotNetNuke, Umbraco and custom CMS systems.  WordPress is the best.  WordPress has an excellent user interface, it is very search engine friendly and the software is easy to update and keep secure.  With so many people using WordPress to run their web site it is really important to understand basic SEO work in WordPress.

Search engine optimization for WordPress sites
  1. Develop & Build an SEO Friendly WordPress Theme – Be careful which theme you select for your site.  A lot of themes are bloated with code, slow to load and are not built correctly.  Your WordPress theme should be lightweight and quick.  We develop our own custom WordPress skins based on the Bootstrap framework.  If you can’t build your own skin that is ok just find a theme that is not too bloated and slow.
  2. Responsive Web Design & Mobile Friendly – Any new website built has to be mobile friendly responsive.  Test out your site with Google mobile friendly test tool.  If your website is old and not a responsive design I would recommend re-building it.  It would be a waste of money to spend money or time on search engine optimization if the website is not mobile friendly.
  3. Speed – Web page speed is critical today and you will not have great SEO results with a slow website.  Slow sites do not work on mobile devices and the fact that they are slow makes them not responsive.  Test out your site speed on GTMetrix.   we recommend the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress speed optimization.  There are a lot of advanced settings you can enable.  Some of the settings may break your site so you need to test each one and see what works for your web site.  The plugin also has a really simple integration with MaxCDN which is a content delivery network.  If your target audience is nationwide you should consider a content delivery network to speed up your site geographically on a CDN cloud.
  4. SEO Testing Tools – There are a lot of good SEO testing tools available on the web that will help you determine what types of strategies you should be looking at.  There is not one single thing you can do to improve SEO.  SEO is like a big jar of jelly beans.  There are hundreds of jelly beans in your SEO jar.  Each jelly bean is important and it is the sum of all of the jelly beans that really puts you over the top.  Test out your SEO on a Free SEO checker like SEOSiteCheckup.  This site will give you a list of all of your “jelly beans” and score you on how you are doing.
  5. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress – We recommend installing Yoast free plugin for WordPress.   WordPress out of the box is very SEO friendly.  But the plugin will help you setup some additional things and measure how will your keywords are integrated into your pages.  Setup your sitemap.xml file in the plugin.  A great tutorial guide is available on the Yoast WordPress SEO page.
  6. Google Webmaster Account & Google Analytics Account –  Neither of these accounts will help you improve your SEO, these accounts are to help you measure and diagnose your search engine optimization.  The Analytics account is going to show you your traffic, visitors, top pages and referral sources.  The webmaster account is going to show you web site errors and problems you may not know about.  The webmaster account also allows you to attach your sitemap.xml file to the account for Google to crawl your pages.  The webmaster account is more technical in nature and shows diagnostics of your web site and web hosting.  The Analytics account is more marketing in nature.
  7. Unique Page Content, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions & H1 Tags – Every page on your website needs to have unique content.  You do not want duplicate content.  Make sure your page Titles are unique, meta descriptions are unique, H1 tags are unique.  Go thru your site page by page and tweak your Title tags, meta descriptions and H1 headline text.  The Yoast plugin makes this easy.  Content is king.  More pages and a lot of content will really help your SEO.