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With the Kansas City Chief’s Playoff Loss it was a tough week at IDP.  Life must go on and website development must also go on.  So we went ahead and launched another new responsive web design this week.  This time it was for Summit Strength Physical Therapy in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Summit Strength is a long time web design client with IDP, going back over 10 years.  Over the last decade we have re-designed their website three times.  It is a great honor to be able to retain a web design client for a long time and re-design their website over time.  Thank you Summit Strength for your business!  By the way, Summit Strength happens to provide the best physical therapy services in the Kansas City and Lees Summit area.

Back to the responsive web design project.  The new mobile friendly responsive design was built on WordPress using the Bootstrap framework.  Our process is pretty simple.  We work with the client to develop graphic design mockups of the web design.  We do not use pre-made WordPress templates.  Custom graphic design work is done to develop a unique and professional responsive web design that represents the company brand.  Once the web design mockups are approved our web developers develop and build the WordPress website.  We setup a beta site for development and skin the site.  The client provides content and feedback.  We complete all of the pages and test the responsive web design.  Finally, we launch the new website and host it in most cases.  IDP has been hosting Summit Strength websites and email for over 10 years.  Check out the new responsive web design!

responsive web design project for summit strength

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is the idea that a website should respond to the screen size of the user. A responsive template is a flexible grid and layout so that it can respond to different screen widths for different devices.  The images and text on a responsive design scale in size depending on the device being used.  Text and images scale down on mobile.  Traditional web design focused on desktop web design.  Responsive web design accounts for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  Chances are if your website is over 3 years old it probably needs to be re-built into a responsive web design template.  You can learn more on our responsive web design page.


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Did you get the WordPress 4.7.1 update email this morning?  It is hard to keep up.  WordPress is amazing web software with a huge community of developers and plugins.  With all of that great software comes a lot of software updates.  WordPress software updates come out continuously and it is a big job keeping your WordPress site running on the latest software and security.

IDP offers FULL SERVICE WORDPRESS HOSTING for $300 per year.  What is full service WordPress Hosting?  It means we take care of your WordPress site for you.  You can concentrate on running your business and let the professionals take over managing your WordPress site.  As WordPress updates become available we update the website for you and make sure the updates were applied correctly.  We update the software and the plugins and keep them up to date.  It is very important to keep your WordPress site up to date for security and performance.  Part of the update process is to check the security and vulnerability of your website periodically.  Another part of the update process is speed optimization and to make sure the WordPress site is setup for the best speed performance.  Here is a list of what is included with full service WordPress hosting.

Full Service WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Includes web hosting fees to host the WordPress website
  • Fast WordPress hosting servers which connect to separate database servers, not localhost database
  • Nightly backups of WordPress site automatically taken and 10 days of backups kept
  • Offsite backups of WordPress site taken nightly
  • Update WordPress software and plugins as new updates become available.
  • Disaster recovery – Restore WordPress site from backup in case of emergency
  • Malware removal – If your WordPress site gets infected with Malware we will clean it and fix it as part of your web hosting
  • Sucuri Security protection – Install and configure Sucuri plugin and Hardening of WP for optimal security protection
  • W3TC Speed Plugin – Install and configure WP Speed Optimization plugin to keep your WordPress site running as fast as possible

Contact IDP today if you would like to take advantage of our WordPress full service hosting plan.


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IDP recently completed three website projects in Europe.  The websites specifically were for insurance companies in Norway, Sweden and Germany.  In 2017, three more websites will be developed for additional European locations.  The project involved developing one mobile responsive WordPress template and then duplicating that Website for all of the various countries.  The company wanted the same design, layout and branding used for all of the websites.  The logo and content is unique for each site.  The three websites can be seen here:


One of the requirements for the project was multi language translation.  The websites are in English and the local country languages as well.  We developed the websites using the Polylang Multi Language plugin.  The Polylang plugin allows you to develop the duplicate pages in different languages and manage them easily thru the CMS.  The plugin includes the functionality to detect your browser language preference and automatically load the web page in that language.  It also has a language drop down menu in order to switch between languages manually.  We did not use any automatic language translation software because it often does not translate well enough for a professional corporate web site.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

The project also included building and setting up a custom VPS server for the client.  One private virtual server was setup in order to consolidate all of the sites on one web server for web hosting.  IDP was responsible for building the private VPS server and we are hosting it within our IDP web hosting environment.  IDP has been hosting websites since 2003.  We continue to invest in our web hosting environment in order to make it fast, secure, redundant and reliable.  Our virtual web hosting environment runs on a VMWare VCenter cluster of servers.  Our data center is at Netstandard data center in Kansas City.  Our backups run on R1Soft Enterprise backup software.  Many web design companies no longer offer web hosting and they outsource it to a third party.  IDP has done the opposite.  We continue to invest in our web hosting environment and we offer full service web hosting and VPS server hosting.  We do everything for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.


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IDP has moved our office to a new location in downtown Lee’s Summit.  We are on the corner of Douglas Street and 3rd Street above the Bike shop on the 2nd floor.  The address is:

226 SE Douglas St., Suite 204

Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

The Bike America Building is a red brick building in downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri right on the corner of Douglas Street and 3rd Street


Look for our entrance under the green awning on SE Douglas Street.  Head up the steps and come visit us in Suite 204!


We are sad to leave our good friends at Summit Strength Physical Therapy, where we have been located since 2008.  But we are also excited to be in downtown Lee’s Summit.  Downtown Lees Summit, Missouri has grown into a vibrant and growing area over the last few years.  Lots of restaurants and stores are within walking distance.  We are going to enjoy the convenience of walking to lunch and sampling the menus.

The work we do will be the same, high quality and professional web design services.  We put the web to work for YOUR Business.  Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. has been building websites in the Kansas City area since 2003.  If you would like a web design quote for a new website or existing website please contact IDP!


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Internet Design & Publishing, Inc., a Kansas City Web Design Company, completed a new website re-design project for Project One out of Denver, CO.

Project One has been a long time client of IDP.  This is the second website IDP has developed for the construction project management firm based in Denver.  The company was going thru some re-branding and the new website matches the new company brand.  The first web design project was built on Joomla CMS software.  The new KC web design project was built on WordPress content management system software.  Over the last 14 years Kansas City web design company IDP has built hundreds of websites and many of them in the past were built on Joomla.  Over the last 2-3 years IDP has focused on building WordPress web designs and converting over all of our old Joomla sites into WordPress sites.  We prefer WordPress websites because our clients like the content management system, the software is search engine friendly, the plugins are easy to install and are pretty stable and the software updates are easy to maintain and keep secure.

The new Kansas City web design project for Project One included graphic design work, web page mockups and layouts, content development, web development, Bootstrap responsive web design, home page banner slider rotator, project photo gallery, search engine optimization and web hosting.  On the Our People page we programmed a custom user interface that shows the entire team in boxes with short summaries, click to open each box to see blow up version of each employee.  The company services pages we organized into separate project photo galleries for each area.  Project One has completed a lot of successful, impressive projects and we wanted to feature them all.  We ended up building out over 50 project photo galleries.  Each of the sub pages feature large banner image shots.

Project One is a project management and owner’s representation firm that provides planning, oversight and implementation services for capital construction projects. Project One works with clients to build collaborative project teams and manage successful projects from inception through completion and beyond.  The new web design is clean, modern and attractive.  Check out the new site at

Kansas City web design project launched for Project One

Domain Name Migration and Web Hosting

The new web design project also included switching domain names and web hosting.  The company had always used and wanted to switch to a new domain  It can be very tricky to launch a new web site on a new domain name.  You can hurt your search engine optimization.  The website software was switching from Joomla to WordPress and we were switching domain names.  In order to change your website address you need to setup both domain names in a Google search console account.  Then you need to complete the steps provided by Google to change your web address.  If you skip this part you could harm your SEO rankings and lose all of your domain reputation history.  We also setup 301 re-directs to point all of the old Joomla URLs to the new WordPress URLs.  The link structure was completely different and we did not want to create any 404 web page not found pages in search results so we manually setup over 50 301 re-directs pointing all of the old pages to the new pages.


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I was recently asked to do some research and come up with a list of recommendations for online church tithing.



Works with WordPress easily, good reviews and full support.  Stable.  Popular solution

Lots of Robust tools around donation online giving

Goal tracking for specific fund-raising efforts

You can purchase Add-ons that would allow most popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal,, etc.  Some of the add-on programs look really cool, lots of additional functionality that could be used.

Zero Commission Charges

Seems to be really well developed and really good documentation


The free version comes with PayPal standard only.  Which means they leave your website and go to paypal to complete the transaction.

Basic bundle is $147 per year.  This comes with 17 premium addons and all of the main payment gateways like Stripe.

Plus bundle is $247 per year.  You have to purchase the Plus plugin to get recurring billing.


Seamless Donations


Works with WordPress easily, good reviews

Free and no commissions

Automatic repeating donations

Reporting and other robust features.  Add-on plugins available


Only works with PayPal

They leave your website to donate and recurring donations are managed thru your PayPal account.  You fill out a basic submit form with your name and amount of donation, then you click a button that takes you to PayPal.


PayPal Donations


Add simple PayPal donation buttons to your website.  Low cost option.

Your charitable organization can setup a special account with PayPal with lower transaction fees.

Easy simple setup


User leaves your website and goes to PayPal

Low tech option not much functionality


WP Charitable


Same as others.  Popular and well developed.  Free if you connect to your PayPal account

More flexible for developers and custom programming.  More advanced

Lots of add-on plugins available.  Works with a lot of different WordPress plugins


Looks like it is a little more difficult to setup

I don’t see recurring payment option

More of a fundraising plugin than church tithing plugin


Payment Gateway Fees and Details:

Braintree is a customer friendly payment gateway. There are no minimum or monthly fees, no hidden costs and the best part is the clear rate structure: After your first $50k, it’s 2.9% + $0.30 a transaction. Read more about Braintree’s pricing here.

Braintree is great for not-for-profits because of their first $50k zero rate offer. This can really save some money and help further empower your cause. Braintree is available for merchants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Stripe has a very simple merchant fee policy. Every transaction is charged 2.9% plus $0.30 with NO monthly charges at all. Read more about Stripe’s merchant fees here. You can also read a comprehensive list of why Stripe believes it’s the best payment gateway available.

With excellent features, competitive rates, and wide ranging support it’s no wonder why more-and-more nonprofits, organizations, and personal causes are putting their trust in Stripe to process their online donations.

Processing Rates: Authorize.Net charges a $49 setup fee, a $25 monthly gateway fee, and a $25 chargeback fee. The transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30.


Processing Rates: PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (with option for volume discounts), and a 3.9% + fixed fee per international transaction. Additional add-ons may require other fees. and you can see all the pricing details here

Nonprofit Charity processing fees

Discounted credit card processing fees for registered charities with 501(c)(3) status.
Learn more about discounts for charities.

$0 to $100,000 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction
$100,000+ Call: 1-855-787-1012




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