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IDP provides high-quality web design and web development. We plan, design, develop, build, implement and manage websites for our clients. Websites are developed to meet your needs. We design web sites, develop SEO friendly websites, build E-Commerce websites, design WordPress web design, creat Mobile Friendly Responsive web design, ...

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IDP is a full service Kansas City Web Hosting company. What does that mean? It means we can build your web site, setup and manage your domain name, manage your email accounts and host your web site in our state of the art data center in Kansas City. Don't have any idea what we are talking about? No Problem! Leave the technical web hosting stuff up to IDP. Outsource web hosting...

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PHP Web Application Development

PHP Web Application Development

We EXCEL at PHP web application development and database programming. IDP has full time web developers on staff in our Lees Summit, Missouri office 8-5 every day that can program, code, support and troubleshoot your web application. We can develop custom programming with WordPress websites, e-commerce web sites and PHP web applications ...

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Kansas City Search Engine Optimization

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What is organic search engine optimization? SEO is the process of developing web sites that do well in search results. Search engine robots crawl your web site and rank your web pages. IDP can help make your website show up in Google search results and other major search engines. There are two main types of search engine optimization PPC and Organic ...

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WordPress Security - Is WordPress Secure?
Feb 14, 2018

By default the answer is no. Wordpress is not secure.  In fact no CMS platform for websites is secure by default.  All websites are under constant attack by spammers, hackers, malware injection, bot programs.  It is pretty sad.  When you inspect server log files and network traffic you will find that most of the Internet is garbage.  The bad guys have taken over the WWW (Wild Wild West).  All websites no matter what they run on are under constant attack 24 hours a day.  Malicious programs and bots run all day long trying to access files and penetrate websites.  It is really important to setup your website to be more secure.  If you setup your WordPress site properly you will be safe from hackers and malicious code injection.
Top 10 WordPress Security Tips

WordPress Updates - Start with the obvious.  Everyone knows by now you must update your WordPress software and plugins constantly.  Always keep your software up to date.  The greatest thing about WordPress software is how easy the updates are to install.  If your WordPress site is built correctly then updates should not break your website.  It is quick and easy to keep your software up to date.
Plugin Usage - Stop using so many plugins!  You don't need 25 plugins installed.  Each plugin could be an entry point or security vulnerability.  We use the same 5-10 WordPress plugins on every site we build.  That way we are consistent and know what is running on every site.  Only install supported plugins that are actively being updated.  Old plugins that are not supported are security vulnerabilities.
Good Web Hosting - You get what you pay for.  Choose a web host that is experienced at hosting WordPress.  Choose a web host that will help you secure your WordPress site.  We offer full service WordPress hosting.  We take care of the updates and security for you.
Firewall Protection - If you have a good web host you may already be behind a firewall.  You need some kind of protection behind a firewall to stop some of the obvious Internet garbage out there.  Another option is to purchase a firewall service for your website.  Sucuri offers a paid firewall protection solution that is pretty good.
WordPress Hardening - By default the files and folders on your website could be open for hacking.  A lot of times developers open up file permissions with 777 in order to install and setup WordPress themes and plugins.  Sometimes these permissions are left open when the site goes live.  Make sure you harden your file permissions on your site.  At the command line you can run these two commands - Files 640 and Folders 750.  When you are done you will have to open up permissions on the uploads folder.
find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 640
find . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 750
Security Plugin - Every WordPress site has to have a security plugin installed to help protect the site.  There are a lot of good ones out there.  We prefer the Sucuri WordPress security program.  It is free and it offers a lot of protection and a scanner.
Security Plugin Configuration - Installing the plugin doesn't make your website secure! You need to set it up and go thru all of the configuration.  You may need some help from an expert.  Or you may need to read some documentation on the plugin website.  The security plugins are not generally just a click of a button setup.
wp-admin - Everyone knows the login page for WordPress is /wp-admin/.  Change the WordPress admin URL to a different URL to help hide the login page from bad people.  The plugin we use for this is WPS Hide Login
 User Accounts and Passwords - Make sure your admin user accounts are using very secure passwords.  Bad guys are trying to use automated programs to guess your admin password 24 hours a day.  Also delete any user accounts you don't need.  Do not create a user account called admin.  Never use admin as your username.
Add Google ReCaptcha - Protect all of your submit forms with Google reCaptcha or invisible reCaptcha.  You can also protect your admin login page from malicious bot scripts by installing Google reCaptcha on your admin login page.  We like to use the invisible one for WordPress.

Is WordPress Secure?
YES! Absolutely WordPress is as secure as any CMS software solution.  If you configure it properly and setup security it is definitely a very secure website platform.

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Magento Web Design Developed for Hanna's Handiworks
Jun 07, 2017

IDP recently completed a new Magento Web Design project for Hanna's Handiworks in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  The e-commerce website is a B to B site where retailers can login to the site in order to view products and pricing.  You have to be logged in to see the product pricing and in order to see the shopping cart / checkout options.  Retailers are able to order new products for their stores thru the website.  Extensive integration with the client MOM POS system was completed by a third party MOM developer.  IDP worked with the MOM programmer and with the client to finish the project and get it launched.  IDP is also hosting the new Magento web design. We are very pleased to be working with this great company right here in Lee's Summit, MO!

The Magento web design project included graphic design mockups, Magento skin development, home page layout, category gridview layout, product detail page layout, checkout page layout, customization of templates, WordPress blog setup and web hosting.  The retailer registration process and login to view pricing was handled by a couple of Magento modules.  The client requires a fairly lengthy registration / application form to become a retailer and the client needs to approve the account before they gain access to products.  A lot of custom fields were added to the Magento registration.  Check out the new website at

Magento Web Design Company in Lee's Summit, MO
IDP has been developing PHP websites and open source software driven websites since our inception in May of 2003.  We are PHP and open source software experts. Over the years we have setup many different open source software solutions.  Our main go to applications are WordPress and Magento.  If you need a Magento Web Design please contact IDP for a free quote

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Web Design Project for Creative Care Consultants
Jun 01, 2017

IDP recently launched a web design project for Creative Care Consultants.  The client had a very old and outdated web design.  The purpose of the project was to create a mobile responsive, updated, modern website design.  Creative Care Consultants is a case management, geriatric care management and consulting service located in Kansas City, Missouri.  The company has been around for over 25 years.  We have worked with this client before on many web projects.  IDP is excited to continue to do web design work for existing clients.

The web design project included graphic design web page mockups, logo work, stock photography, website design, web development, responsive web design, WordPress web development, search engine optimization, content development and web hosting.  You can check out the new site at  The website design project was built on WordPress content management system.  WordPress allows you to be able to login to the website and make content changes and edit the website yourself.  We build most of our web designs on WordPress.  The CMS software is very user friendly and our clients like having the ability to maintain their own website.

Kansas City Web Design Company IDP
Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. (IDP) is a Kansas City Web Design company.  IDP has completed hundreds of website projects since being founded in 2003.  Our web developer team has the experience and knowledge to build professional websites that perform well with search engines and are user friendly.  Contact IDP today and request a free web design quote. We will analyze your current web design, your project requirements, goals, branding and marketing materials.  We will provide a detailed project proposal for your new website design.

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