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Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. was founded in May of 2003 as an S-Corp with the state of Missouri. From the very beginning we focused on website design, SEO, programming and web hosting. We started out with one web server, a Dell PowerEdge 1350. All of our web services ran on this single server with dual PIII processors. The server was housed in a “shared” rack and NetStandard’s data center.

The original domain name for the company was a mouthful- The domain was a shorter version of Internet Design & Publishing. We still maintain the original domain name today. Our first logo in 2003:

Original IDP Company Logo

2004 was a big year for Internet Design and Publishing, Inc. We upgraded our domain name to on 30-MAR-04. We began calling ourselves IDP or GOIDP. Most of our customers today know us as IDP. The new domain name was a hit, everyone liked it. The shared server rack space had really been bugging us. Even though we probably could not afford it at the time, we upgraded our rack space to a private, secure, 1/3 of a rack at the NetStandard data center and bought two additional servers (Dell PowerEdge 1750’s). 1/3 of a rack is 16U of space. It was enough room for 16 1U servers or 8 2U servers. We were happy and proud. 🙂

Our client list really grew in late 2004 and 2005. In 2005, we started doing work for Zurich North America. We did some small microsite projects that saved form data into databases. The relationship grew and we began to take on more work from Zurich. In 2006, IDP built a custom CRM web application for Zurich that was used in two call centers. In Kansas City, we began working with Thoroughbred Ford on a complete web re-design and search engine marketing. We continue to host and maintain the Thoroughbred Ford web site today. A common theme when analyzing our customer base is that IDP rarely loses customers. We attribute our success to customer satisfaction, hard work, persistence, accountability, communication, responsibility, timeliness and expert knowledge in the field of web development.

From 2005-2007 IDP more than doubled server rack space and hardware. We upgraded our co-location agreement with NetStandard to a private full rack. Our hardware has been co-located in the same full rack from 2007 to today. The larger space allowed us to continue to upgrade our hardware devices and network. Over the years we have purchased 4 more servers, external SCSI tape drive backup, Cisco Gigabit Switch, Pix Firewall, Barracuda Spam Virus Firewall and numerous software applications to improve our services. As we continue to grow and provide quality, customer oriented hosting and email services, we will continue to upgrade our server space and hardware. We are committed to being the premier web design, web hosting, web application and SEO company in Kansas City.

In August of 2008 we opened our office in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and added additional full time staff. Our location off of Chipman Road was convenient for our customers. IDP continued to grow despite a bad economy. We deliver high quality at a fair price and provide excellent customer service. In 2009 we updated our marketing plan and did some re-branding. We launched another web site design in 11/31/09. Our previous web site was nicknamed IDP Orange and is below:

Orange Web Design Style
Old IDP Orange Website Design

In 2014 we launched another new website re-design. The new design featured a prominent link to our IDP email system, our new tagline, home page blog news feed, prominent client portfolio slider, icons and matrix background.

Old web design web design 3.0 with tagline

IDP has continued to evolve with the Internet. Web design companies have to stay current with technology and embrace change. The biggest change in web design from 2013-2016 is responsive web development and the popularity of WordPress. We used to develop Joomla sites and static HTML sites but have transitioned to mostly WordPress development in recent years. We still build custom PHP applications but most our business website development is done in WordPress or Magento. Responsive mobile friendly and tablet friendly web design has evolved dramatically since 2013. Every website on the Internet needs to be re-built if it was developed before 2013 because of the HTML5 coding changes and responsive web design standards.

In 2016 we moved our Lee’s Summit office to downtown Lee’s Summit at 226 SE Douglas St. The downtown area is doing really well and it has been fun to have our office located near restaurants and activities. Since 2016 we also completed a major virtualization project to virtualize all of our servers into a VMWare Cluster environment and moved our data onto a SAN hard drive server. We also switched our firewall to a SonicWall firewall and setup redundant failover SonicWall firewalls. Most web design companies have moved out of the web hosting space. IDP continues to upgrade and invest in our web hosting environment and technology.

We moved our physical office from Lee’s Summit, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri in January of 2020. Just in time for COVID and election. Our new web design office is at 751 East 63rd Street in Kansas City. The office building is in East Brookside.

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