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IDP Authorize Net CIM Plugin Users:

There was an issue with the CIM plugin for Magento.  This was a widespread issue with Magento and developers using the CIM SOAP API integration with Auth Net.  The issue was reported here:

For paid users of the IDP Auth Net Plugin here is the solution:

file: /app/code/local/IDP/AuthorizeCIM/Model/Authorizecimsoap.php

Simply replace the parseXML() function->

public function parseXML($start, $end, $xml)         {

$xmlbegin = 0;

$xmlbegin = strpos($xml,”?>”);

if($xmlbegin>0) { $xml = substr($xml,$xmlbegin+2); }

return preg_replace(‘|^.*?’.$start.'(.*?)’.$end.’.*?$|i’, ‘$1’, $xml);


The newest version of the Auth Net CIM plugin has other enhancements, but this one change would immediately solve this issue if you choose. The link has the full directory that may affect customizations (though if only the template files were changed the link is safe to use). For standard installation fee I could update your module taking into account any behaviors that were customized. However, replacing the function above would fix this immediate anomaly with no other effects.


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