Kansas City Web Design

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Internet Design and Publishing, Inc is thankful for 10 great years of building web sites in Kansas City.  We love to build web sites and we feel very honored to host and maintain many web sites in Kansas City and across the country.  Thank you to all of our clients for your business and support. … Read more »

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Spam Barracuda Plugin for Outlook

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Attention IDP email users:  As you are probably well aware, IDP uses a Barracuda Spam Firewall that sits between our email server and the world.  All email coming in and out of our network goes thru the Barracuda Spam Firewall and spam is automatically blocked before it gets to your email box.  Of course a… Read more »

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Custom PHP Web Application Launched for CitePin.com

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IDP recently launched a new web site for CitePin.com.   It is a custom web application written in PHP.  It is loaded with functionality and took 6 months to develop.  CitePin is a subscription based web site developed for lawyers in order to save and retrieve legal citations.  Users can build and maintain a huge… Read more »

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