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IDP completed another web design project recently!  The project was for AeroExpress,, which buys, sells and trades avionic test equipment.  They specialize in RVSM, Mode S and TCAS test equipment for avionics and instrument test equipment.

The new Aero Express web site is built on the Joomla Content Management system so that the client can login and make changes.  IDP built a custom Joomla skin based on the approved graphic design mockup.  We don’t use any pre-built Joomla templates.  We code everything from scratch in order to get the fastest load times and best search engine optimization.  This project also included a custom Joomla module that we built for the avionics products database.  One of the goals for the new site was to have a searchable product database, which was easily accomplished using the Joomla search functionality already built into Joomla.  The web site includes around 200 product pages which are accesible via the search or the avionics manufacturer’s List page.

IDP also took over email hosting for Aero Express as part of this project.   We were able to migrate all of their email accounts over to our Linux based email system running Atmail Email Server software.

If you need any Avionics and Instrument Test Equipment you know where to go!!

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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