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The new IDP Email Server is now in production.  This has been a 6 month project, full of delays and unexpected technology hurdles.  We are very excited to have the new server in production!!

IDP selected Atmail Email software for our new server software.  Atmail Email server and Atmail Webmail software is a robust enterprise level email system.  Our users will be switching from our old Squirrel Mail program to the new Atmail Webmail program.  It is a dramatic improvement.

IDP company email has been running on the new server since 1/24/11.  Our first customers were migrated over the weekend.  We have 780 email users running on 111 domains that will need to be migrated.  We are working thru the migrations alphabetically, one domain at a time.  If you would like to request an earlier migration email .

Once we schedule your email migration, we will email you instructions.  After your accounts are migrated you will need to login to the new webmail, reset the password and customize some other settings.  Then your email accounts will have to be updated to point to the new server at  Both incoming and outgoing server is  Webmail is at

An Atmail User Guide is available here:

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