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IDP recently completed three website projects in Europe.  The websites specifically were for insurance companies in Norway, Sweden and Germany.  In 2017, three more websites will be developed for additional European locations.  The project involved developing one mobile responsive WordPress template and then duplicating that Website for all of the various countries.  The company wanted the same design, layout and branding used for all of the websites.  The logo and content is unique for each site.  The three websites can be seen here:


One of the requirements for the project was multi language translation.  The websites are in English and the local country languages as well.  We developed the websites using the Polylang Multi Language plugin.  The Polylang plugin allows you to develop the duplicate pages in different languages and manage them easily thru the CMS.  The plugin includes the functionality to detect your browser language preference and automatically load the web page in that language.  It also has a language drop down menu in order to switch between languages manually.  We did not use any automatic language translation software because it often does not translate well enough for a professional corporate web site.

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

The project also included building and setting up a custom VPS server for the client.  One private virtual server was setup in order to consolidate all of the sites on one web server for web hosting.  IDP was responsible for building the private VPS server and we are hosting it within our IDP web hosting environment.  IDP has been hosting websites since 2003.  We continue to invest in our web hosting environment in order to make it fast, secure, redundant and reliable.  Our virtual web hosting environment runs on a VMWare VCenter cluster of servers.  Our data center is at Netstandard data center in Kansas City.  Our backups run on R1Soft Enterprise backup software.  Many web design companies no longer offer web hosting and they outsource it to a third party.  IDP has done the opposite.  We continue to invest in our web hosting environment and we offer full service web hosting and VPS server hosting.  We do everything for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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