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We recently had a web design client that needed Bitcoin payment type added to their website. We had never added Bitcoin as an E-Commerce checkout option on a website before so we had to do a little research.  The client website is a WordPress site running WooCommerce E-Commerce plugin.  There are several WordPress plugins available for accepting Bitcoins.  There are other ways to add Bitcoin checkout on your website as well, but since we were already running WooCommerce the GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway made the most sense.

The plugin scores good reviews on the WordPress plugin site, it is updated frequently and there are +7,000 active installations

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership

Advantages of Accepting Bitcoin on your E-Commerce Website

  • If you are already using cryptocurrency and have a Bitcoin wallet then it is a no brainer.  You can set it up and connect it straight to your Bitcoin wallet easily.
  • If your target audience uses cryptocurrency then you need to add Bitcoin payment options in order to grow your business and compete. Expand your customer base.
  • It is Free and Easy to setup.  The plugin is free.  The Gateway has no monthly fees and no transaction fee.
  • You can continue to accept credit cards as well. Offering another payment option for customers.
  • Payments go straight into your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Global, Anonymous, Secure, No Chargebacks, Zero Risk.  Avoid Fraud.
  • Speed – Get paid much faster than traditional credit cards and bank transfers.

Disadvantages of Accepting Bitcoin on your E-Commerce Website

  • If you do not currently use cryptocurrency then you may find it difficult and confusing to setup.
  • Not a lot of consumers are using cryptocurrency to pay for merchandise at this time.
  • The money stays in cryptocurrency.  You would need to convert it to change it into Dollars.
  • Price Volatility of cryptocurrency could hurt you when you go to convert your Bitcoins for Dollars.

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