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IDP recently launched another Magento E-Commerce project.  This one is an online clothing store called  Madizle specializes in Hanes brands products.  The web site project included a responsive Magento template, home page rotator, graphic design work, Magento setup and configuration, integration, shipping setup, web hosting and email hosting.

The toughest part of the project was getting the product data loaded into Magento.  We received a data file from Hanes to use but the data was incomplete.  Some of the product options and sizes were not associated very well in the data file.  The product images were able to be imported with the data also, but lots of images were missing. We had to do a lot of manipulation and tweaking to get the Hanes product data loaded into the Magento product database.  But now all is well!  Another Magento web design is complete and live!

This Magento project also included a lot of customer training and support.  We provided training on how to enter products and manage products in Magento, how to upload product images and configure the different options in Magento.

Contact IDP today for a free E-Commerce Project Consultation.  We recommend Magento E-Commerce for most of our E-Commerce web projects.  Our Magento developers can quickly and efficiently develop your web site running on Magento.  We can save time and cost because we have done it so many times.  We can identify potential pitfalls and steer you clear before they become project stoppers.

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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