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Internet Design and Publishing (IDP) has been developing Magento web design in Kansas City since 2008. We have the expertise and experience that you need to develop your E-Commerce Magento website.

Over the years we have launched many Magento E-Commrce websites. Magento can be very complicated software and it is common that you run into unexpected problems on these types of web design projects. It is important to work with a company that has a lot of Magento web design experience. No Magento problem is new to us, we have seen it all. We can solve your Magento problems and we can successfully launch and support your Magento website. Learn more about our E-Commerce development.
We have put together a list of the most common Magento issues you might run into during development and launch of your Magento E-Commerce website:

  • Product database import- Your existing product database will not import properly into Magento and you need custom programming completed to get your products into Magento.  IDP has had to complete custom Magento product imports frequently.
  • Magento website is slow- You have launched your fancy new Magento website and it is too slow.  You need to setup a Magento optimized web hosting environment.  We host and maintain our own Magento web hosting in-house.  This gives us full control of our Magento web hosting environment.  In order to speed up your Magento site you need to perform Magento speed optimization and server optimization.
  • Poor SEO Results- The default settings of Magento are not great for search engine optimization.  When you launch your Magento site you need to perform some SEO optimization. Learn more about Magento SEO best practices.
  • Security, PCI Compliance and Magento Patches- Is your Magento website secure and up to date?  By default it is not.  You need to perform security patch updates and web hosting maintenance to keep your E-Commerce site secure.  A good place to start is by doing a scan of your Magento store on MageReport.  Then follow that up by testing out your web server with a SSL server test.
  • Magento Customization- Out of the box is sometimes not perfect for every business.  If you need help customizing your Magento site we can help.  A lot of times evaluating good Magento extensions and working properly with the support people on the extensions is all it takes.  Sometimes you need to think outside the box.
Magento Web Design

Magento Support and Maintenance

IDP supports many production Magento E-Commerce websites for our customers.  We keep their e-commerce sites up and running and open for business.  We can perform optimization, updates, extension installations, troubleshooting, development, product imports and more.  IDP has the professional team in place that can help you make your Magento website successful.

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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