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KC Web Design for Winco

IDP recently launched another WordPress responsive web design project.  This one was for Winco Fireworks.  The client needed a new web site that would be easier to maintain and that worked better.  The client wanted a fully responsive, mobile friendly web site.  The web site project included graphic design, web site mockups, responsive template development, web development, custom programming, marketpress extension, Twitter Bootstrap framework, WordPress installation and hosting, home page slideshow, product database, product database import and WordPress Multi-site development.

Winco Fireworks International is the true leader in the fireworks industry. Their primary focus is to serve the needs of the wholesale customer. Winco Fireworks is the exclusive distributor of Black Cat Fireworks® in North America. Winco takes pride in the fact that it can work so closely with the STRONGEST, MOST RECOGNIZED BRAND in fireworks.

Check out the new web site!

Winco Fireworks Web Design Project

 WordPress Multi-Site

The project was a WordPress multi-site project.  The client has different distributors each with their own product database and contact information.  WordPress multi-site allows you to build one web site with additional web sites built inside of it but all controlled by one installation of WordPress.  This project is basically 8 different WordPress sites all built into one installation.  Each distributor can login to their WordPress site and manage their own product database and web site.  Or the main corporate office can login and manage all sites on the backend.  Multi-site is pretty cool because it allows a big organization to create one web site that controls all web sites in that organization.  It works great for distributors and retailers with a lot of independent locations.  The down side is WordPress multi-site takes up a lot more space and can take more time to manage.  On this project we are hosting and maintaining 8 WordPress sites that are all bundled up into one.  The product database of fireworks we had to import 8 times, once for each WP site.  The product images we had to store 8 times, on set of product images for each WP site.

Website Design Kansas City

IDP specializes in website design and development.  Over the years we have built about every kind of website imaginable.  We have been focusing on responsive WordPress development over the last two years.  WordPress content management web sites are very popular and a lot of businesses are currently re-building their website design to be mobile friendly, tablet friendly, responsive website design templates.  Our team of web developers is especially good at solving tough programming and layout challenges that other web design companies cannot handle.  We have a team of full time developers on staff and can handle any type of Kansas City web design project.  IDP is not a single developer working from home.  We are a professional web design company with full time staff and regular Monday – Friday hours.

Contact IDP today if you would like to work with professional web developers who have the knowledge and talent to accomplish great things! Request a web design quote.

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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