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IDP recently completed a custom PHP programming project to collect data on a multi-page submit form, save that data to a database and then populate that data onto a PDF file.  The custom web development project was completed for Western Specialty Insurors.  The client was manually filling out insurance forms that were mailed into the office.  We converted the insurance forms to multi-page submit forms.  Then we mapped all of the insurance form fields to the PDF version of the insurance form.  The customer can fill out the form online and the PDF version of the form all filled out is generated.

The project also included a customer login system for users to view past insurance forms that have been completed, edit insurance forms to correct data, and fill out new applications.  The insurance company has a lot of repeat customers who purchase these policies over and over.  The customers can create an account and save time on additional policy forms by pre-populating the data on the form for that customer.  Customers can view and print their insurance certificates online after they are generated automatically as PDF insurance certificates.

A custom PHP admin area was built so that the client can login to see all customer activity and completed PDF forms.  Invoices are also generated and automatically emailed to the customer.  The custom admin allows the client to view and print form data and correct any insurance form data for the customer.

The customer website is a WordPress site, but we developed the submit form to PDF programming was all done as custom PHP instead of using a WordPress module.  The project was unique and had a lot of custom requirements that made it more logical to build the custom PHP programming from scratch instead of using a pre-made module solution.  The admin view uses JQuery datatables.  The framework is custom PHP and Bootstrap.

Monte is one of the original founders of the company in 2003. Monte is a creative talent with 20 years experience in web design and information technology. He works with clients on a daily basis to develop, maintain and market their web sites. Monte is also in charge of the web hosting environment and server administration duties for the company.

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