WordPress Spam Increase with Contact Form 7 protected by Google recaptcha

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

WordPress, PHP and IDP Web Design

Recently we have seen a huge increase in WordPress Spam getting thru on Contact Form 7 submit forms protected by Google recaptcha. The Google recaptcha solutions are not working as well as they used to. We have tried Google recapthca V2 and V3, invisible and checkbox. We have also tried using different WordPress Google recapthca […]

Bootstrap Theme for WordPress

by Jim & filed under WordPress Tips.

JW Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Our Bootstrap Theme for WordPress was developed in house. We use the Bootstrap Theme on all of our new WordPress web design projects. At IDP we strive to bring in the cleanest and most easy to maintain code base. This creates a smoother and faster load, but also makes for a smaller payload, or file […]

Accessing WordPress Recovery Mode without the Email Link

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

IDP WordPress Hosting

Starting in WordPress version 5.2 there is a new feature called WordPress recovery mode. WordPress recovery mode occurs when the WordPress admin dashboard will not load because of an error. A WordPress technical error has occurred and a message is displayed on the screen: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin […]

How to Refund an Order in WooCommerce – Full Refund or Partial Refund

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

Some of our clients have found it confusing how to refund an order in WooCommerce. The refund process has changed a little bit over the years with WooCommerce. So we thought it would be helpful to publish this How To Guide. Here goes! Log into the WordPress Admin and go to WooCommerce < OrdersSearch for […]

WooCommerce Coupons How to Delete a Coupon

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

This is a pretty easy tutorial. WooCommerce Coupons are pretty easy to manage. It is default WooCommerce functionality no plugin required. We get lots of questions from our WordPress WooCommerce customers. We like to document how we answer those questions and then provide some WordPress tips on our web site. So here goes! Login to […]

WordPress 5.1 Released

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

The WordPress 5.0 release in December of 2018 was a major release and introduced the new Block Editor to WordPress users. At the time we were very concerned that WordPress 5.0 would break a lot of our client websites. Specifically we thought we would have a lot of issues with old WordPress themes. The reality […]

WordPress 5 Security Bug WP 5.0.1 Released

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

WordPress logo

Shortly after the much anticipated Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 was released a WordPress 5 security bug fix update was also released. In December of 2018 we were advising all clients Not to update to WordPress yet, wait for the dust to settle. We saw similar advise from Yoast SEO and others. IDP decided to not update […]

WordPress 5.0 Release New Block Editor Gutenberg Update

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

WordPress Developer Logo

The much anticipated WordPress 5.0 Release is upon us.  As of December 6th, 2018 the new WordPress 5.0 software is available for download. IDP is recommending at this time to NOT install the WordPress 5.0 release until January. This is a busy time of year and it is not a good time to break your […]