Advanced Custom Fields. Customizing WordPress Has Never Been So Easy

by Jim & filed under WordPress Tips.

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When you are looking at putting content on your WordPress website, you can get intimidated by things that may alter the layout of your site. Worry no more. With Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) you can put content blocks, data groups and custom maps in an easy to use, visual interface. We first started looking at […]

WordPress Security – Is WordPress Secure?

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

By default the answer is no. WordPress is not secure.  In fact no CMS platform for websites is secure by default.  All websites are under constant attack by spammers, hackers, malware injection, bot programs.  It is pretty sad.  When you inspect server log files and network traffic you will find that most of the Internet […]

WordPress White Text in Editor

by Monte Persinger & filed under WordPress Tips.

Over the last few years we have had this issue popup on WordPress sites.  It does not happen very often, but on a few WordPress installations after doing a WordPress software update the text editor does not work anymore.  Very strange issue.  When you login to WordPress and go to open or edit a post […]