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Web Development Programming Orange Guy Mascot awarded with a Top 10 of 2012 award for legal web site development in 2012. allows attornies to save their legal citation research in an online database that is searchable and sortable.  Years of legal citations can be saved in the legal citation database and retrieved later via a robust search engine.  Legal citations are classified and organized in a logical way in order to easily find them later.  Citations can also be shared with colleagues in order to help build each others’ legal citation library.

The web site is available for a low monthly subscription to law students and lawyers. continues to gain momentum and acceptance as more lawyers begin to use it and spread the word.

IDP developed this custom web application using a custom PHP framework and MySQL database.  IDP also hosts the application and maintains it.  We are very excited for our client for the recognition he has received and wish him well as continues to grow.

Custom Web Application Development

If you need a custom web application developed for your big idea contact IDP today in order to schedule a meeting and scope it out.  All information will be kept confidential and an NDA agreement can be signed.  We have developed many custom web apps over the last 10 years for our clients.  We have the experience and capability to build it quickly and easily. Web Application Wins Award for Top 10 Application of 2012 was last modified: February 4th, 2019 by Monte Persinger
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