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IDP recently launched a new web site for   It is a custom web application written in PHP.  It is loaded with functionality and took 6 months to develop.  CitePin is a subscription based web site developed for lawyers in order to save and retrieve legal citations.  Users can build and maintain a huge database of legal citations for future use and quick reference over their legal career.  CitePin allows you to create a paperless database of legal citations that you can develop and take with you from law school until you retire.  Citations can also be shared with colleagues in order to expand your citation database.

Learn more about CitePin here:

Project Details:

  • Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP custom web application developed per customer specs
  • User account login system
  • E-Commerce integration and monthly subscription based web site
  • Legal citation database entry screens, file uploads, text descriptions and categorization
  • Robust legal citation search functionality, fast search results, highlighted search terms and short descriptions
  • Invite a colleague functionality and share your citations with a colleague
  • Create and manage clusters or associations for classifying similar citations
  • My account functionality to manage profile, password, payment settings and subscription level
  • Mobile and tablet friendly design and layout

Do you have an idea for a custom web application you would like to develop?  IDP has the experience and capability to turn your great idea into reality.  Take a look at our web design portfolio and contact us for a web design quote.

Web Development Programming Orange Guy Mascot
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