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IDP recently completed a long term custom web development project for IP Watch.  The web site project was built on a custom PHP framework and interacts with a MySQL database.  The web development project is an e-commerce subscription based product for legal intellectual property searches.  We are extremely excited to have this web design project done and live!  The programming requirements took a lot of time and hard work!

The project was very complicated and included a lot of advanced functionality.  Lots of advanced custom PHP programming hours were required to build this site.  Users can purchase intellectual property searches online, they can pay online via credit card, signup for a subscription package and enable recurring transactions, manage their payment type, upgrade their account, purchase additional searches and access their completed searches via their dashboard.  The search terms are submitted and queried against a database in order to produce an Intellectual Property PDF report.  The client has developed a large Intellectual Property database that they develop, manage and maintain in house.  IDP’s job was to develop the customer facing user interface web site.  We worked with the IP Watch programmer team to connect the front end public web site with the backend database they developed.  Search terms and other information are passed to the Intellectual Property database and then a PDF report is passed back to the web site.  IDP also developed a custom administrator area for IP Watch to view, edit and manage customers and for website administration.  You can visit the web site at

IDP also did the graphic design work, web site mockup development, responsive web template development, custom HTML/CSS bootstrap development, home page slideshow, blog feed, Twitter feed, blog installation and setup and user interface design.  Check out the design and user interface!

Custom web development web site launched for IP Watch



Kansas City Custom Web Development

IDP has been a leader in custom web development in Kansas City for the last 10 years.  We have developed a lot of custom web applications for clients.  The projects usually involve an entrepreneur with a bright idea and specs that require a custom site versus using the standard WordPress / Joomla / Magento software systems and collection modules or extensions.  IDP has been developed a ton of WordPress sites lately and we will be the first to push you towards a WordPress solution if it makes sense.  But our job as a web development company is not to push clients towards particular CMS software products.  We meet with potential clients, listen to their ideas and analyze their requirements and then recommend the best solution for their business.  That could be a complete custom web site from scratch or it could be a software solution using popular CMS software solutions.  IP Watch was a perfect example of a custom web development project because the project specs were “outside the box”, not done before, new technology, unusual and unique.

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