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IDP recently completed a new web development project for Community Buying Group.  CBG is a long time client and IDP has done many projects for them in the past.  This project involved re-building a custom PHP web application from scratch and building it on the Yii Framework.  The original application was dated and showing its age.  Originally it was built on a custom PHP framework.  The new and improved application running on the Yii framework will be easier to develop and maintain going forward with future development.  The project included e-commerce integration with Stripe, API integration with Salesforce, custom PHP development, Yii Framework development, submit form signups to join CBG, custom fields and memberships, estimate your savings graphical sliders, administrator control panel development and many other things that cannot all be listed out here!  Sum it up to say this was a big, complicated custom PHP programming project.

One of the hardest parts of the project was integrating it with a WordPress frontend and setting up the application part to run in a sub-directory of WordPress.  We ran into a lot of technical challenges on this project.  The project was completed in 4-5 months. The final product is impressive.  It is an enterprise level web application system.  It runs on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine on PHP7 and Nginx, so it truly is the latest and greatest technology.  Check out the new site at

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Did you know Internet Design & Publishing, Inc has been developing custom PHP web applications and web sites since 2003?  Yes we are old timers for sure.  When we started building websites everything was built in HTML Tables.  Now HTML Tables are considered like the plague.  Web page design is truly a constantly changing environment. The key to success in the web development world is to embrace change and evolve as the technologies around you evolve.  Don’t stand still, you have to keep moving forward.  ADAPT and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

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