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IDP recently completed an e-commerce programming project for Major Saver.  Major Saver provides discount cards for school district fundraising.  Discount cards are now available for purchase online.  IDP did the custom PHP programming, the secure SSL installation and the merchant account integration.

IDP programmed a custom shopping cart in order to purchase the Major Saver cards online.  Cards can be purchased for your city, but credited to other schools.  For example, you can now purchase a card from your nephew in Blue Springs, but get a Lee’s Summit card.   Custom programming was coded so that multiple cards can be purchased and credited to multiple students’ schools.  You can also view the back of the card for each community so that you can see what discounts are available for your city.

E-Commerce Programming Project Completed for Major Saver was last modified: September 13th, 2011 by Monte Persinger
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