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The responsive Google deadline date is fast approaching!  Will your web site pass the test??

Google announced earlier this year that non-responsive websites have until April 21, 2015 to comply or they will be penalized. Google has also announced that many thought to be mobile friendly sites have failed when checked with it’s mobile tool. Google urges all website owners to comply before the deadline.

Zineb Bahajji, from Google’s Webmaster Trends team was quoted as saying that the new mobile-friendly algorithm change will have more of an impact on search rankings than either Panda or Penguin, two of its most impactful search algorithm updates Google has ever rolled out.

Google has provide an official tool to determine if your site is compliant and formatted to be viewed on mobile devices-

To comply with Google responsive standards Contact Us to fix your website and make it responsive.

-IDP Google Responsive Website Team

Responsive Web Design Kansas City

At IDP we have been hard at work at responsive web design for the last two years.  If we built your web site for you in the last two years you should be in pretty good shape.  I would still recommend testing it with the Google responsive tool.  If your web site is older than two years it most likely will need a lot of work or a re-design to comply with the Google mobile web site deadline.  If you have any questions or concerns about your mobile responsive web site contact IDP web design team.  We can help you get your web site fixed and avoid being penalized by Google.

Responsive mobile friendly web design has become the standard for all web development projects. Make sure your website is coded correctly and is developed on a mobile responsive template. Google and other search engines are now only returning mobile responsive websites in search results from mobile devices.

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