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If you are unhappy with your current E-Commerce web site it is a good time to look at Magento E-Commerce Software.  Magento is a very robust and functional shopping cart software system.  It includes everything that you would need to run an online store.  Merchants can manage and maintain their own products.  You can manage inventory, pricing, titles, descriptions, URLs and images.  A content management system is also built into the software.  The shopping cart checkout process is easy for customers.  The built in product search is good.  The admin area that you log into to manage the site is easy to use and has a lot of features. There are thousands of available extensions in order to customize your Magento web site.  Lots of advanced features are included with Magento.  It is truly a complete E-Commerce software platform.

Magento E-Commerce software is free.  There is no charge for the software at all. The cost involved is the time it takes to install it on a web server, design and build a custom graphic design for it, configure all of the settings, upload your products and product images, integrate shipping, integrate a merchant account and web hosting.  We build a lot of Magento web sites.  IDP has the knowledge and expertise required to build your Magento web site correctly.  We can make it run fast and run reliably.  IDP can provide a detailed cost proposal for your project that outlines everything.  We build our Magento sites right here in Lees Summit, Missouri in the USA. We do not outsource any projects overseas.

One of the biggest complaints about Magento is that it is too big, has too many features and is too complicated.  But that is also the biggest benefit of Magento.  It is very robust and offers about every E-Commerce feature you can think of.  You don’t have to use all of the functionality.  Use what you want.  The point is to choose a software platform that has all of the features that you might need.  After you get your store running you may want to enhance the site and start using more advanced features.

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