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Internet Design & Publishing has partnered with R1Soft Enterprise Backup Solution in order to provide more reliable backups and quicker disaster recovery.  Our customers rely on us to backup their web sites and quickly restore them if web hosting servers fail or become unresponsive.  Our new backup software creates multiple restore points for recovering data and provides disaster recovery with a bare metal restore feature.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) 3.0 Enterprise Edition is high performance disk to disk backup softare for physical and virtual servers, featuring a central management interface and data repository.  CDP reduces server backup time from hours to minutes.  There is a web based administration control panel that allows complete access to the data repository that holds all of the server and web site backups.  The software is specially designed for web hosting providers running both Linux and Windows environments.  R1Soft is especially known for their Linux server expertise and Linux file system backup solution.

IDP has also purchased and installed the MySQL enterprise agent addon.  When it comes to backups MySQL databases require special handling.  There are a variety of MySQL backup methods available and they all work differently.  The R1Soft CDP for MySQL Add-on integrates Continuous Data Protection® with an online hot backup (snapshot) of MySQL databases to provide fast, efficient and safe MySQL backups.  Both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines require that tables be locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place. The R1Soft MySQL Add-on ensures that this happens and  carefully coordinates it with the point-in-time file system snapshot.

Linux – MySQL Snapshots are performed by coordinating a brief (usually < 1 second) MySQL LOCK AND FLUSH with the CDP Linux snapshot device driver.

If you use CDP to backup MySQL and don’t use the R1Soft MySQL Add-on then the table lock and flush operation won’t take place – with the result that your MySQL backup will likely be corrupt.

IDP continues to grow and improve it’s services.  Our new backup solution will allow us to provide more reliable backups of our web hosting environment and allow us to recover quicker from disaster.

Click here to learn more about our backup solution and disaster recovery plan.

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