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IDP is launching a new web site.   This is our 5th web site since 2003.  There have been a lot of changes in the web development world and we wanted to incorporate some of these technologies on our new web site.  We have also had some marketing changes and needed to update our brand online.  Our new slogan is now incorporated – “Putting the Web to Work for YOUR Business”.

The home page features an accordian information section done in JQuery.  This has become a popular method of organizing content on your home page under different sections.  All of the necessary copy is still present for search engines, but it looks nicer to “hide” it under different categories.  Plus the drop down “bounce” effect is pretty cool.

Our new navigation bar is ultra slim and plain text links maximize search engine results.  Search engines drive a lot of the web development and programming on the site because we rely so heavily on search results for new business.

The testimonials on the home page are a new feature on GOIDP 5.0.  The news blog is also new.  We changed our Recent Web Design projects to rotate across the top using JQuery instead of along the right hand column.

The Portfolio page has also changed quite a bit.  We organized our portfolio into categories so that it is easier to find projects related to your business.

IDP Launches New Web Site was last modified: November 30th, 2009 by Monte Persinger
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