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Thank you for visiting our website.  Web developers have a unique sense of humor.  Here are some favorite quotes of the day at our office in Lee’s Summit.  So here goes the Internet Design & Publishing Top 10 List of Web Developer Quotes of the Day!

  1. There is Nothing Like Fresh RAM in the Morning!
  2. Everything is not always #000000 and #FFFFFF
  3. The problem is in between the Mouse and the Keyboard
  4. Should Be Fixed
  5. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
  6. Do A Hard Refresh
  7. Works on my Machine
  8. People use IE?
  9. There are two ways to write error free programs, only the 3rd way works
  10. It is not a bug, it is an undocumented feature

Who is IDP and what do we do here?

  • IDP provides web design, web hosting, search engine optimization and custom programming.
  • We know how to make the Web work for your business. We help clients:
    • Generate sales leads by improving search rankings
    • Convert leads to action with strong call to action
    • Improve efficiencies, save time and money with custom Web applications
    • Increase profitability by understanding what drives clients to web sites
    • Solve problems thru communication, analysis and development
  • Each solution is customized to meet the unique client needs – not “one size fits all”
  • We’ve been in business since 2003
  • We have a deep bench; five programmers with more than 5 decades of combined experience



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