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MMAALLY is a web site designed for fighters to help the sport of mixed martial arts.  It is a tool that fighters can use to build their profiles and establish their credentials.  The web site allows promoters to find fighters and it allows state commissioners to evaluate fighter qualifications before they approve the fight.  The web site is a custom PHP web application.  There are different levels of users and different types of users.  There are fighters, commissioners, promoters and coaches.  You can sign up for a free account and there are two subscription based accounts with greater functionality.

IDP just finished adding a new feature to the web site that is very exciting!  Now promoters can interactively build a fight card online.  Promoters can search for fighters by state and drag and drop fighters onto the fight card.  Promoters can contact the fighters via the web site.  Promoters can then submit the fight card electronically to the state commissioner of that state.  The state commissioner can review the fight card, research the fighters, approve fights, deny fights, add comments and send the fight card back to the promoter.

Mixed martial arts has become very popular in the US.  MMA ALLY is a great tool for any fighter to use to gain exposure and build their credentials.  Send this link to any fighter you know today!

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