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The Internet Cloud has taken a beating today.  Many hosting companies who use cloud based hosting services are down today.  There is a widespread reliance on Amazon Web Services for hosting a lot of web sites around the world.  See this article from the Associated Press.

Amazon failure takes down sites across Internet

Cloud computing has become very popular.  The idea of just purchaing the space and resources that you need and hosting it somewhere in a cloud sounds great.  But what happens when there is a central point of failure and hours of downtime?

IDP owns and maintains all of our own web hosting hardware.  We have physical dell servers in our rack at Netstandard data center in Kansas City.  That is a good thing today!  The cloud burst!  Be happy if your web site is hosted with IDP.

The Cloud Burst! IDP Web Hosting is NOT Down was last modified: April 21st, 2011 by Monte Persinger
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