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The world of web hosting has changed drastically over the last 5 years.  Awesome new CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and Magento have evolved and become easy to use and robust software solutions.  More businesses than ever before are launching new web sites using content management software systems in order to manage and maintain their web site. The Google requirement for Mobile Responsive websites has fueled the fire to re-design and build even more WordPress, Joomla and Magento websites. And then, of course, hackers, spammers and malware distributors have ruined all the fun. The WWW (Wild Wild West) is a dangerous place to live.  Websites are under constant attack by Malware programs that scan the Internet and randomly pick on servers and websites trying to inject Malware code and anything else.  At IDP we are constantly monitoring servers and websites and we see first hand all of the malicious traffic directed at every web site on the Internet.  There are malicious automated programs that run on the Internet that find your WordPress site and then try to login and guess your password all day long, hundreds of times, over and over.

At IDP we have changed the way we approach web hosting.  We now offer managed web hosting which includes keeping the web server constantly updated and keeping your WordPress sites updated. If you are running a CMS software system it is critical that your keep your software up to date.  Your web host probably keeps the server up to date, but rarely does the web host take responsibility for keeping your WordPress site up to date.  We offer full service web hosting.  The average business owner does not have time to manage their web site and web hosting the way it needs to be managed.  Our full service managed hosting solutions are reasonably priced and necessary.

Can we guarantee that your website will never get hacked into or be infected with Malware? No. No matter how many times you update your web site and lock everything down your web site can still get compromised or infected with Malware. But at IDP we offer Malware removal and cleanup as part of your full service web hosting package.  There is no additional charge to cleanup and fix your website after an attack. This is a huge benefit to our clients. We have received desperate phone calls from business owners that are hosted with the big hosting companies, and the hosting company took down there web site because it was infected with Malware.  They did not offer to help or offer to fix it, they just took down the website and told the customer to fix it.  Unfortunately, the average business owner has no idea how to fix their web site or remove Malware. The issue gets even worse because the website gets blacklisted and customers are unable to visit the web site.

Tips to Improve your Website Security

One of the tools we use on our WordPress sites is the Sucuri Security Plugin.  It is a free security plugin for WordPress that allows you to monitor your site and harden the file system from code injection. You can setup notification or alerts. They also offer paid services like a website firewall service and Malware removal.  When your website is infected it is difficult to find all of the malicious code in your web site files.  Some of the code is easy to find and services like your Google Webmaster account will give you file names of infected files. Sucuri offers a server side deep level file scan of all of your website files that is very powerful.  When you run a web site scan from the Internet, it is only going to scan files and resources that it can get to from the browser.  The web based scan will miss a lot of files that you can only find doing a server side scan of the entire file system.

Check out this blog article from Sucuri for 10 Tips to Improve your Website Security

  1. Update your server software and CMS software frequently
  2. Use complex passwords and usernames and do not use the same password
  3. Configure your WordPress site to be more secure, security plugins and change settings
  4. Setup a backup system and store your backup off site
  5. Setup strict file permissions
  6. Setup secure server configuration
  7. Monitor your web site

Managed WordPress Hosting & Security

Fully Managed WordPress hosting available for $300 per year.  Host it with us and forget it.  Fully managed WordPress updates, security, backups, disaster recovery, malware monitoring and malware removal. Click below to purchase.

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