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Color My Abstract World

One of our web design clients, Kansas City artist Brady Legler, has launched a new section on his website where you can download his artwork and color it. As long as the COVID-19 quarantine goes on, he will be posting a new piece to color each day. You can visit and download the pages on his web site at With the quarantine and lock down going on here in Kansas City it is a great time to color!

Brady Legler is a home grown Kansas City artist. IDP built his current website design in 2019. Brady is famous for his paintings and jewelry design. Checkout some of the cool paintings and jewelry on his website it is very cool!

How It Works

We created the new download web page so that users can visit the site and download the latest page each day. The pages have been pre-loaded on the website as blog posts and each day a new post is automatically posted. The download page is a blog post feed page with the newest posts on top. One of our web developers set it up this way so it will be easier to maintain and the coloring page automatically gets published each day. The programming automatically pulls in the blog posts each day and posts the newest coloring page on top. We convert the artwork to Adobe PDF files and link them for download. We also setup a popup notification on the home page to direct users to the artwork download page.

Download Page
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