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KC Magento Developer IDP has launched another new Magento website for Heelusions.  Magento is a popular open source E-Commerce software system in order to run your E-Commerce business website.  IDP has been Magento E-Commerce developers in the Kansas City area since 2006.  We do both Magento development and Magento web hosting.  Magento is really great software for businesses that want to sell products online.  The software is very robust.  It is designed to be a E-Commerce website solution from the ground up.  There is a lot of functionality built into the software to manage products, manage customers, sell products and run an E-Commerce website store.  Magento is a good solution for a larger store with 100 or more products, stores with configurable products, stores with advanced functionality requirements and for professional business class E-Commerce.  We also develop WordPress Woo Commerce websites but we normally recommend a WordPress solution for smaller businesses with fewer products.

The Heelusions Magento project included copying the existing Magento site and setting up a beta site.  KC Magento Developer IP developed the Magento skin for the site based on an approved graphic design that the client had done.  The main Magento templates were built out per the design specs for the home page, category view page, product page and checkout.  New images and content were loaded on the Magento site.  This was the second Magento build we have done for this client.  We used a copy of the original Magento database so that we would not lose any customer information or orders.  You can checkout the new site at

KC Magento Hosting

We also do Magento Web Hosting!  Magento is really complicated there are a lot of moving parts.  It is difficult to have one company doing your Magento site and a different company doing the hosting.  There is a lot of back and forth and the right hand needs to know what the left hand is doing.  Magento is best when it is setup on custom Magento web hosting servers.  We isolate our Magento website hosting separate from other hosting and customize Apache and NGinx settings for best speed and performance for Magento sites.  Our environment includes a separate database server so that the front end web server and database server are running on two separate servers.  A two server setup like this works really well for Magento hosting.  Over the last 5 years we have done a lot of work tweaking our environment in order to maximize Magento performance.  Our Magento hosting includes full service web hosting setup, backups, support and monitoring.

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