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IDP recently completed work for and Mustang microsites.  These are one page landing page web sites for Shelby Mustang and Roush Mustang enthusiasts.  Thoroughbred Ford needed the sites to be easy to maintain with dynamic content that updates automatically.  Thoroughbred Ford already actively maintains a YouTube channel and Flickr image galleries.  The best solution was to integrate these two content sources directly and display the content on the new microsites.

The YouTube videos are pulled in automatically by scanning their YouTube site for Roush Mustang and Shelby Mustang videos in the title.  Then we automatically display the appropriate video on the appropriate site.  It is kind of like screen scraping YouTube to pull the videos we want to display on the other microsites.

The Flickr images are directly linked via an RSS feed to a Roush photo gallery and a Shelby photo gallery.  The client can easily add to the galleries by uploading new images to Flickr.  Once they are loaded in Flickr they are automatically displayed on the individual microsites.

Content related RSS feeds were used for the text information on the new microsites.  The RSS feed content is automatically pulled in and displayed on the pages.

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At IDP we put the web to work for YOUR business.  We identify client needs, issues and problems and then propose the best solution possible at the best price.  We don’t push clients towards specific solutions or software solutions unless those options make sense.  We can custom program web solutions using PHP and ASP .Net programming or we can integrate software solutions.  It all depends on the clients’ needs and the project details.  We have 9 years experience solving problems and coding solutions for our customers’ web sites. and Mustang Microsites Launched for Thoroughbred Ford was last modified: February 5th, 2019 by Monte Persinger
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