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IDP recently launched a new Magento e-commerce web design for Lone Star State Vapors.  It is an e-commerce online store that sells electronic cigarettes.  They sell E-Vapor Starter Kits, E-Liquids, E Cig Accessories, Tanks, Batteries and Parts. The smokeless cigarettes are available online using the Magento software for the product database, shopping cart, content management, merchant account, orders, shipping and tax.  The new Magento site is a responsive web design.  Responsive templates optimize the site for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.  The web site templates grow and shrink depending on the available screen size.  We also completed some organic search engine optimization on the new web site.

Magento is very powerful e-commerce software.  IDP has been building Magento e-commerce web sites for 10 years.  Our developers know how to build responsive Magento skins.  We can import your products into Magento, connect it to your merchant account, setup your shipping and tax and customize Magento if needed.  Magento is designed to perform well in search engines.  The product titles and product URLs are search engine friendly.  The client can easily manage and maintain their own products and content.  Products can easily be added and deleted.  Product categories can easily be added, edited and deleted.  The menu navigation and drop down menus are tied to the product categories and sub-categories.  If you are looking for a full featured and robust e-commerce software system then you should consider Magento. Magento is owned by ebay company.  The open source version of the software is still free and ever since ebay bought Magento the free version has been consistently updated and debugged.  The product continues to improve and gain market share.

If you are interested in an E-Commerce web site contact IDP for a free evaluation and proposal.  We are experts at bidding out e-commerce projects because we build so many.  We can guide you towards the path of keep it simple and affordable.  A Magento project does not need to be overly complicated and costly.

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