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NOTE: This blog post is fairly dated.  We do not built separate mobile sites anymore. The recommended best practice is to build one mobile responsive website instead of building a separate mobile site.  That being said, there are some cases where a client just wants a separate mobile site developed and IDP can still do that if requested.

We have been churning out a bunch of mobile web design projects for customers over the last month.  We can build a quick 3 page mobile website for $399.  User friendly mobile design that makes it easy for customers to contact you and find you from their phone.  Check out some of our new mobile sites!

A simple mobile website design does not cost a lot of money.  You can setup a basic mobile web site that allows users to easily access your phone number, physical location and email.  Don’t lose business because your are not mobile friendly!

  • 3 page mobile site – home and your choice of two additional pages
  • Mobile friendly simple layout that sizes to a phone screen
  • Mobile navigation drop down menu to access 3 pages
  • Mobile users automatically detected and re-directed to mobile version of web site
  • Clickable phone number and clickable email address, easy to contact from phone
  • Clickable address to open up GPS on phone, easy to map from phone
  • Logo and basic information
  • A link to go to Full site

Of course you can do more of a robust mobile site if you want but a simple 3 page mobile site works pretty well.  Contact information front and center.

Contact us today to build your mobile web site.  We are your Kansas City mobile website design company!

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