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IDP recently launched a new web site for Crystal Clear Hearing and Audiology.  Crystal Clear is a hearing and audiology company with 5 locations in the Southeast United States.  The company had an existing web site but it was built on a GoDaddy template.  They wanted a new more professional web site to better represent the business.  The GoDaddy template was limited in what it could do and how it could look.  The new web site was built on the WordPress content management platform.  WordPress allows the client to login and make changes to the web site themselves.  WordPress also does really well with search engines if it is setup properly.  WordPress has become a very popular web site platform.  It is easy to use and relatively easy to setup.  Take a look at the new site here:

Kansas City web design project launched for CCHA Online

The web site project included graphic design work to create web page mockups, responsive design work, web site design and development, programming to build custom WordPress skins, WordPress installation and setup, search engine optimization, develop and build all web pages and add content and images, test and troubleshoot site in multiple browsers and devices.  The web site also includes a home page news/blog feed, an embedded YouTube video and an online form.

On all of our WordPress sites we install the Yoast SEO Plugin to help clients manage and setup their search engine optimization.  The plugin allows you to easily create unique title tag content, meta description content and it will check your SEO for you and make suggestions.  It will also generate a dynamic sitemap.xml file for you.  We use the free version but there are also paid versions available that offer more features.  Building a shiny new web site is not good enough these days.  The search engine optimization and setup is crucial to the success of the web site project.

IDP is a Kansas City web design company.  We are experts at building web sites.  IDP has been building web sites in Kansas City since 2003.  We have many clients in Kansas City, but we also do business with companies across the United States.  No web design project is too big or too small for IDP.  We have a knowledgeable team of web developers that build web sites the right way.  We build responsive web sites that work on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.  We build search engine friendly web sites.  Contact IDP today if you would like a free web design consultation.

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