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Vaught Roofing KC web design project

IDP recently launched another KC web design project for Vaught Roofing Company. Vaught Roofing has been doing business in KC for over 53 years. They are one of the most respected and stable roofing contractor companies in Kansas City. This is the 3rd web design project we have completed for Vaught Roofing. We have been handling their web design and search engine optimization work for a decade.

A new web design was required because we wanted to take advantage of the benefits of building a brand new WordPress theme from scratch. Over the years, as a web design ages, it starts to show its age by not performing as well in mobile responsiveness, search and site speed. Things can get cluttered, code can get heavy and the latest theme technology is missing. We wanted to build a new mobile friendly web design that is coded for search engines and loads quickly. The Vaught Roofing website already had great content so we did not do a lot of work on content. The project included graphic design work, web design mockups, WordPress theme development, web development, search engine optimization and mobile responsive web design.

Unlock your Web Design Speed!

One of the major reasons for a WordPress rebuild with a new theme is to unlock the fastest speeds possible. Half of your web customers are on their phones and it is critical that your web design template loads quickly on mobile. The below GT Metrix speed report shows the speeds we were able to unlock on this project. 2.1 second page load on home page!

WordPress Speed Optimization
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