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IDP recently launched a new Magento E-Commerce website design for Kansas City Company Lamcraft Inc.  The web design project was a responsive, mobile friendly e-commerce web site re-design project. Check out the new site at  This is the second web site IDP has built for Lamcraft.  The first site was also an e-commerce web site but it was running on different e-commerce software.  There were issues with bundled prices, responsiveness, the age of the web site and other issues.  Instead of updating the current software and fixing the site, we decided it would be easier and a better product if we re-built the site from scratch on Magento.

Magento E-Commerce software is an open source E-Commerce program that allows merchants to manage and maintain their own online web site thru a robust content management system.  We also build WordPress e-commerce web sites, but for larger companies that have lots of configurable products Magento is usually a better solution.  Magento is an e-commerce system out of the box.  It is built for e-commerce and there are many robust features for managing products, categories, merchant accounts, shipping, content and customers.  WordPress is not e-commerce out of the box and extensions are installed to make it e-commerce.  WordPress e-commerce web sites work well, but for a larger client who needs a very robust e-commerce site Magento is better.

The magento web design project included graphic design work, web page mockups, creative and layout work, installing Magento beta site, development of Magento site, programming to build a custom Magnto mobile friendly skin, product configuration, installation of extensions and web hosting.  The client was able to load and configure most of the products themselves.  We were able to save the client money by training them how to load and setup their own products.  IDP was available to answer questions and setup sample data.  We also helped configure the bundled products and discounts available for the configurable products.  Take a look at the new web design!

Magento E-Commerce web design for Lamcraft

Magento E-Commerce Web Design

IDP has been developing and building Magento E-Commerce web design projects since 2009.  We started building Magento sites back in version 1.3.  Magento has changed a lot over the years.  It has gotten better.  Version 1.9 is responsive out of the box and is more robust than ever.  We have the Magento expertise and experience required in order to complete successful e-commerce projects.  IDP (Internet Design & Publishing, Inc.) is a Kansas City based web design firm that specializes in web design, e-commerce web sites, programming, database programming, search engine optimization and web hosting.  We build a lot of custom web sites, Magento web sites, WordPress web sites, ASP .Net web sites and more.  IDP basically does about any kind of web design project you can think of.  For large scale e-commerce solutions we recommend a Magento software solution.



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