Pat Saum
18:15 05 May 21
Monte, JIll, and all of their team are true professionals. They ALWAYS respond to our requests for help, and are very thorough in their testing when an issue comes up. We hadn't worked with IDP before entrusting our public website to them several years ago, and I feel it's been a great decision to choose them as the company we do business with.Pat SaumIT Project ManagerBerkley Human Services
Scott Knoche
19:20 29 Apr 21
Excellent customer service and responsiveness! Love working with other local businesses who truly care about our success, like Monte and Jill do!
Pamela Squires
18:40 15 Sep 20
Our company found IDP close to a year ago and we have been incredibly satisfied. We had been through several web development companies who left our somewhat complex e-commerce site broken. We had frustrated customers and we were desperate to find a solution. We decided to try a local company, and went with IDP after hearing only good things about them. Monte and his group have figured out every broken thing we have thrown at them. Not only do they do what we need, humbly and quickly, but they are incredibly responsive and fantastic to work with. Our website finally functions like it’s supposed to! IDP is a keeper!
Marc O'Leary
20:10 08 Sep 20
I've been an active client for over three years. IDP's team are professional, knowledgeable, and affordable.
penny1111 Ultican
20:38 02 Sep 20
My company, Lamcraft Inc., has worked with IDP for several years. Their website/email hosting service is superior, but where they really shine is website development and customer service. We have a complex pricing structure for hundreds of our products and they have helped structure a shopping cart system that works extremely well for us and our customers. Whenever we have questions or a glitch crops up, they are responsive and efficient, not to mention friendly! Highly recommended in every way!
Rachel Rubin
19:05 18 Jul 19
We have worked with IDP for several years for business website hosting and have been extremely pleased with their service. We recently used IDP for a major overhaul of our website optimization and organic SEO. The results have been amazing! Monte and Jill are experts in their field. Further it is wonderful to work with a LOCAL company! So many other SEO providers are actually located overseas, and therefore communication is difficult. With IDP, they were very responsive to our goals and deadlines. It is so nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the owner. We highly recommend IDP!
Kevin Oldham
16:10 28 Sep 18
We recently partnered with Monte and IDP on a shared client project. We have been blown away by how much their approach to business is similar to ours. We look forward to shared collaboration between our firms in the future.
Joe Herndon
15:31 19 Mar 18
We've been with Jill, Monte and the crew for roughly 6 years and they are awesome. We had tons of trouble with companies coming and going and our SEO just not working. Go IDP has taken all the stress out of our site and they are QUICK to respond. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Brian Buffington
12:46 21 Apr 16
I have been working with IDP since around 2010 (currently 2016) and am pleased with their work. They are fair and trustworthy. I have recommended them to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.
Thoroughbred Ford
20:11 20 Apr 16
We have worked with Internet Design & Publishing since 2003 and they have been nothing but fantastic. Their response time to our requests is incredible. They have helped us redesign our websites, several times and every time they finish on time and on budget. They manage our internet marketing and are always on top of it. When we have asked for the impossible, they have always found a way to work it out. I am constantly impressed with their knowledge and creativity. I could not recommend another website designer more. Should anyone be looking for more information on IDP, feel free to contact us.
Kari Burchett
13:40 05 May 15
A great job customizing our business web page, made great suggestions to improve upon our own ideas and delivered a product exactly how we wanted! Highly recommend.
Doug Herriott
15:14 29 Apr 15
We have use IDP for several years. We had a professionally designed website for many years with another company but found when we searched for ourselves we seldom came up on the first page in organic search.Once we switched to IDP within a few weeks we were coming up on the top of organic search in several keywords relating to our business. We have remained that way as IDP has periodically made changes in our website to keep our content current and relevant for the search engines.One of the reasons we were slow to switch was the perceived amount of it would take to redo the website. This was not the case. We had to give some basic content but IDP quickly built us a very nice and effective website. We were very pleased at how turn key the process was.Monte and his staff really do a wonderful job. I cannot say enough good things about them or how pleased we are with the product and services they provide.Doug Herriott, ODEyecare Associates of Lees Summit
Brad Runnebaum
20:39 12 Feb 15
The entire team at Internet Design & Publishing has been fantastic to work with. I recommend them to everyone that I know.
Nick Cutrera
19:11 28 Jan 15
I have used IDP for the last several years and would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their business profile on the web. Unlike some of the extremely large internet companies I have used in the past, IDP is not a "cookie cutter" service and will tailor your website and website marketing to your individual needs.
Kerry McCane
15:17 19 Jan 15
After referring a couple of clients to IDP for products, I've finally had the opportunity to work with them directly on a complete redesign of my company's website. They have been fantastic to work with - knowledgeable, thorough and very, very patient. They are willing and able to take on the needs of very unique businesses, companies that need much more than just a basic ecommerce presence. I look forward to continuing to work with the team as we continue to launch new products that require even more challenging integrations.
Kevin Vaught
15:10 19 Jan 15
This is one company I refer all of the time because they are not only fantastic at what they do, but quite enjoyable to work with too! They have developed, maintained, and updated my company's website for the last several years and their services have always exceeded my expectations. Most importantly they are willing to take the time to share their knowledge with me so I can make the right decisions about my web presence. These are good folks to trust in!
Amanda Covey
19:03 17 Jan 15
I've worked with IDP in the past but never as extensively, nor in as large a capacity as we have for the last 18 months. The projects we have completed have required grave attention to detail and near constant communication which I am happy to say made all the difference in the world. I recommend IDP highly, and look forward to working with them in the future!!
Loren Shanks
19:17 03 Oct 14
Monte and Jill are great to work with. We've used them for several projects and have always done a great job! They do great work in a short amount of time. Our company has every intention to continue to use them in the future.
Etap Communications
14:25 30 Jun 14
We began working with IDP on a mutual client's website redesign. They were so easy to work with and were always available to answer any questions. The process to get the new site up was seamless and the client was extremely pleased too!
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