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IDP launched a new web design for St Louis Physician Alliance. It was a St Louis web design project. This is the second web design project we have built for St Louis Physician Alliance (SLPA). SLPA is an independent physician association building a world class health care delivery system. Physicians become members of SLPA and gain access to organizational benefits. All of the member physicians are in the St Louis metropolitan area. The website has a lot of marketing information about the alliance, benefits and how to become a member. There is a physician login where physician’s can login to their physician dashboard to view and download SLPA documents and PDF files. There is a Physician Directory and Facility Directory on the website which lists all of the members. Users can search and filter results in order to find physician members that are close to them.

The St Louis web design project consisted of graphic design work, web design mockups, WordPress development, web development, mobile responsive web design, custom PHP programming, data imports and integration between WordPress and custom PHP programming.  There is a user login and data listing pages that can be searched and sorted. The data import and custom programming where a big part of this project.  All of the physician data and facility data had to be imported into the new system from the old system. The data had to be cleaned up and prepared in order to import it into WordPress. The user accounts and logins had to be imported and setup. A lot of work went into the directory listing pages where the user can search for physicians.  We built a search by zip code, radius, regions or specialty so that the user can find physicians that meet their needs. The physician locations are linked to Google map coordinates.

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WordPress Design and Custom PHP Programming

IDP develops a lot of WordPress web design projects. Most of our websites over the last 3 years have been WordPress projects. WordPress is a great content management system. It is easy for clients to manage and maintain their business website running on WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available in order to add advanced functionality to your WordPress website. For this project we found that we needed to write custom PHP code instead of using WordPress plugins.  IDP is capable of developing custom PHP programming and integrating it with WordPress websites. A lot of web development companies that specialize in WordPress are not able to do custom programming. We would love to talk to you about your WordPress project and your custom programming requirements. Take a look at our web design portfolio.  Contact IDP for a web design quote.

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