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All Kansas City Royals fans are familiar with ‘That’s What Speed Do’ and Royals outfielder Jarrod Dyson.  The Royals have had success becoming the fastest team in Major League baseball and with that speed comes success.  We are huge Kansas City Royals fans at IDP.  We are also huge fans of speed… Web Site Speed.  With web site speed, also comes web site success.

Web site speed impacts bounce rate, search ranking, conversion, page views and revenue.  Lately, it seems like Google is obsessed with site speed.  Page speed has become a big ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. A faster web site leads to a better user experience and a better ranking in Google and other search engines.  It is funny that the company that is rolling out high speed fiber Internet is the same company penalizing web sites for being slow.  Web design has indeed come full circle back to the days of dial up modems.  As developers, we really enjoyed the high speed Internet and the cool things you could build with more bandwidth available.  Now we are in dial up mode again!

Over the last 6 months, IDP has been in speed mode.  Everyone wants their web site to run faster.  We have been researching the subject and optimizing web sites for our customers.  It is our number one request these days, “Speed up our web site”.

How to Speed Up Your Web Site

The Internet is full of wonderful free tools.  There are some really good web sites to use to evaluate the speed of your web site.  We use:

The first step to speeding up your web site is to test it with these tools and evaluate the results.  The results may look really  bad, but it rarely means you need to build a new web site.  Normally what it means is the you need to do a web site tune up.  Over time your web site gets bloated.  New features are added, fancy slideshows, new images, extra pages, social media plugins, blog news feeds, extra JavaScript and third party resources.  It is normal that after a few years your web site may need a tune up to get it going full speed.  There are also a lot of new techniques to improve web page speed that were not common practice a year or two ago.

Generally speaking, a basic HTML web site with no database should be super fast.  This type of web site should be pretty easy to speed up depending on what the issue is.  Web sites that run software like Joomla, WordPress and Magento are going to run slower than a basic web site.  These types of web sites run complex software with a lot of plugins and functionality and it takes them longer to load.  There are a lot of good resources for optimizing these types of web sites, they vary depending on the software.

GTMetrix has a special tool for testing WordPress sites.  The results and recommendations are really good because they deal specifically with WordPress installs and speed optimization.

GTMetrix has a special tool for testing Magento sites. The results and recommendations are really good because they deal specifically with Magento installs and speed optimization.

That’s What Web Site Speed Do

If you need help optimizing the speed of your web site, contact Kansas City web design firm IDP.  We have a professional staff of web developers that can analyze your web site speed results and propose the best solution with the most performance gains.




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