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Are you seeing warning messages about minimum recommended version of PHP is 7.4 on your WordPress site? The new WordPress Site Health tool is pretty cool you can see all of the diagnostic technical information about your WP site under Tools < Site Health.

WordPress Site Health minimum recommended version of PHP is 7.4

Don’t worry you are not alone! Most people in the world are seeing this warning about PHP version in WordPress health. If you visit the WordPress stats page you will see that only 8.2% of WordPress websites in the world are running on PHP 7.4.

PHP Versions. minimum recommended version of PHP is 7.4

In case you have not noticed the evolution of PHP and WordPress has been moving very quickly over the last year. PHP versions and WordPress versions have been coming out so fast it has been hard to keep up. It is important to note that if you are running PHP 7.2 or 7.3 you are in great shape. Better than half of the world and fully supported and secure PHP versions.

Supported PHP Versions

Uh Oh I’m in the Bottom Half

If you are running PHP version 7.1 or older on your WordPress site you are part of the other 50% of the world that is behind and you need to upgrade. We have talked to a lot of business owners running PHP 5.6 and 5.4. It is a giant number of WordPress sites running old PHP.

Why Should I Upgrade PHP?

My website is working fine why should I upgrade?

  • Better, Faster, Stronger – Newer PHP is faster and required in order to take advantage of all the cool new WordPress features
  • Security – Newer PHP is more secure and safe. Protecting your business website

How Do I Upgrade to PHP 7.4?

You can contact IDP and we will do it for you. We can provide you a quote to do a WordPress migration and upgrade to PHP 7.4. If you are a current customer at IDP running on our Managed WordPress Hosting plan, then congratulations! We are already working on upgrading you to PHP 7.4 behind the scenes without you lifting a finger!

DIY PHP Upgrade How To

  • Copy your WordPress site and setup a beta site for development and testing
  • Switch your beta site to run on PHP 7.4. You might need to contact your web hosting company to get this done. Or if you have CPanel or similar control panel you can make the switch in your PHP settings
  • Test your new upgraded site. You may be fine WordPress is very robust. It depends on your plugins and how your WordPress site was developed in the first place. If you are going from PHP 7.0 to 7.4 it should be pretty easy.
  • My website is broken now what? Hire a web design company to fix it.
  • Check the server error logs. If errors are related to a specific plugin then deactivate the plugin(s). If errors are related to functions.php or theme files then you have theme issues and are going to need a web developer to fix your theme.
  • In the wp-config.php file change debug mode to true. This will display error messages on your web pages so you can see more errors and troubleshoot.
  • Open your web browser inspector and look at the Console tab. This will display more errors to troubleshoot.
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