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“Tips & Tricks to increasing traffic & getting leads from your web site”

WEB SITE NO NO’S  (don’t do these things..)

  • Web sites built with no text and all Flash
  • Web sites built with no text and big images
  • Web sites built with Microsoft Word or Publisher
  • Never updating your web site or only updating your web site once a year
  • No text links or relevant copy
  • Ignoring your web site
  • Taking your marketing brochure and turning it into a web site


Page Title: 8-10 keyword rich words in Title (blue bar at top of web browser)  What should your page title be on your home page?

URL: Find a short URL with relevant words in URL. Don’t make up words. Use sub-directories with descriptive file names.  What would be the perfect URL for your business?

Text Navigation: Use text links for navigation. Don’t use images and buttons for all of your navigation.

Heading: Use a text heading on every page that includes keywords in the heading. The HTML tag for heading should be H1.  What H1 Heading should appear on your home page?

Body Copy: Plain text copy of 250-600 words. 5-6 appearances of keywords in this copy. Text links within this copy.

Add Resources: The Internet was created to share information.  Add information or content to your web site.  Add Free Resources to your web site to establish your credibility.  Add articles and information that would be useful for people related to your business.  Build a resource center.  Free advice, consultation or other information.  What Resource could you add to your web site?

Call to Action:  Add a call to action to your home page to ask for business and generate a lead.  Use a submit form, email and phone number for easy contact.

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