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15 Years in Web Design Business Happy Birthday IDP!

We are celebrating a birthday! Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Missouri in May of 2003. IDP has been a web design in Kansas City company 15 years now. We have built hundreds of websites during this time span. Thank you to all of our web design and web hosting clients. We appreciate your business, your testimonials and referrals. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

IDP has the experience and talent necessary to build successful websites. Please consider IDP for your next web design project. There are few web design companies in the Kansas City area who have been in business for 15 + years.

One service that we have always provided is web hosting.  We started doing web hosting in 2003 and have continues to host websites to this day.  Unlike other firms who outsource the web hosting to a 3rd party, we actually do the web hosting ourselves. We manage and maintain our own web servers thru our server co-location agreement at Netstandard data center in Kansas City. Over the last 15 years we have continued to invest in our web hosting environment. We offer full service, fully managed web hosting in a secure and redundant environment.

One service that has changed a lot over the years is web design.  The way in which you build and design websites has changed drastically over 15 years.  We used to build a lot of static HTML websites and custom programmed website projects.  We used to build any kind of website on any kind of platform. Now we focus mostly on WordPress and Magento web development. We build mobile friendly, responsive, SEO friendly websites that are professionally designed and developed.  Special functionality requirements can be accomplished with custom programming and available plugins.


More About IDP Web Design

IDP is a team of expert problem solvers. Clients trust IDP to be dependable and reliable. Service is our top priority. Read some of our web design testimonials and take a look at our web design portfolioContact Us and ask about some of our clients’ success stories. We are proud of the work we do for our clients. If you would like to be a client please call 816-808-6846 or email We will put together a detailed bid proposal for your project.

IDP History

Internet Design & Publishing was founded in 2003. We started out with one web server, a Dell PowerEdge 1350. All of our web services ran on this single server with dual PIII processors. The server was housed in a “shared” rack and NetStandard’s data center.

The original domain name for the company was a mouthful- The domain was a shorter version of Internet Design & Publishing. We still maintain the domain name today.

Original Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. logo created in 2003

Original IDP Company Logo
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