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BOOM!! POW! IDP recently completed a Kansas City web design project for Pyro City Fireworks.  The project was a WordPress responsive web design.  IDP was responsible for the graphic design, web development, custom WordPress template, fireworks products database load, multi store setup, home page slideshow, programming, Spanish language translation and search engine optimization.  Check at the new site at  This project was a fairly advanced WordPress development project.  There are 30 different locations and each location has its own Fireworks products.  We used the WordPress multi site installation.  Multi site allows you to install multiple copies of WordPress all in one web site.  It is like 30 separate WordPress sites all built into one.   Each store can login to their own site and manage the pages and fireworks product database for that one location.  We had to load the fireworks database 30 different times because it is truly 30 different web sites.  We were able to write a script to import the fireworks database and product images.  Another advanced feature on this web design project is the store locator.  Users can enter their zip code and search a Google map to see the locations nearest you.  Then you can click on that store link to go to the store web site.

Pyro City began as a small 6’ x 10’ fireworks stand in a small town in Southeastern Kansas.  Pyro City is the largest retailer of Black Cat Fireworks in the country. Pyro City has partnered with Black Cat because they bring the best fireworks to the table hands down. With all of their product development, testing procedures and product design we agree with them that “Black Cat is the Best you can Get.”

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