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If your business needed a new building, who would create the blueprint?

An architect would work with you to create a detailed plan that would guide the construction process.

The IDP blueprint is the architectural plan for your web site. It is a detailed plan we develop in order to construct web sites that meet the business and marketing goals set by your organization. In order to put your web site to work for your business you need a well thought out project plan and process. The IDP Blueprint is the key to creating a successful web site that meets your business needs and impacts your business.

Questions to consider

  • What is the mission and purpose of your web site?
  • What is your home page call to action?
  • What are your most important keywords?
  • How will your web site impact your business?
  • What functionality will need to be developed?
  • How will you market your web site?
  • What is THE most important message you want to communicate with your web site?
  • What programming languages should be used to build your web site?
  • What software or content management solutions should be used?
  • Will your web site need e-commerce software?

Put YOUR Web Site to Work!

Does your web site generate leads? Is your web site your best sales person?

We know how to make the Web work for your business. We help clients:

  • Generate sales leads by improving search rankings
  • Convert leads to action with customer relationship management tools
  • Improve efficiencies, save time and money with custom Web applications
  • Increase profitability by understanding what drives clients’ business results
  • Each solution is customized to meet the unique client needs – not “one size fits all”

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