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Is your web site mobile friendly? Does your website pass the Google mobile responsive test?

Most new websites are built completely mobile responsive from the ground up. However, some businesses are not in a position to completely rebuild their website right now. An alternative to a complete rebuild would be to build some simple mobile friendly pages and direct users to those pages if they are on a mobile device. This method will also pass the mobile friendly test. We can build a simple mobile version of your website for you quickly and easily.

What do you get for Mobile Page Design?

  • 3 page mobile site – home and your choice of two additional pages
  • Mobile friendly simple layout that sizes to a phone screen
  • Mobile navigation drop down menu to access 3 pages
  • Mobile users automatically detected and re-directed to mobile version of web site
  • Clickable phone number and clickable email address, easy to contact from phone
  • Clickable address to open up GPS on phone, easy to map from phone
  • Logo and basic information
  • A link to go to Full site

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