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Was your website built to look good on desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets? If the answer is NO, then IDP can help. IDP can build a new responsive website design that works across all desktops, laptops, all mobile devices and tablets. Responsive website design templates are designed to expand and contract depending on the available screen size. For example, see these screenshots below of the same website design shown at different sizes.

IDP is a Kansas City web design firm. We are located in Downtown Lee’s Summit, MO which is in the Kansas City Metro area.

What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?

Do you pass the Google mobile responsive website design test? If your website is not mobile responsive you could be hurting your search engine ranking and your website will be excluded from mobile search results.

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Responsive web design is the present and future of web development. The number of different devices that can go online and view a web site is staggering. You can’t build a separate web site for each device. Build one web site that works well on all devices. The key to responsive web site design is to build templates that grow and shrink with the size of the screen on the device. It is the opposite of a set width table site like you would see a few years ago. If your site was built 3 or more years ago you probably do not have a responsive design. Eventually you will need to re-build your web site on a responsive template. A responsive template is built on a grid where elements float and content is ordered. As the screen shrinks, some content is kicked down below other content. At the smallest screen size, you will see all of the content lined up one at a time on top of each other. You can read all of the content on your phone without zooming in on it. That is the point.

It is fairly difficult to build a good responsive web design. It needs to be coded correctly in order to work well. One of the easiest ways to develop a responsive web site is to start with the Bootstrap Responsive Design Framework. The Bootstrap framework allows developers to quickly get templates and libraries running that are responsive and lightweight. Less is more. Mobile devices are slow and developing responsive sites is almost like going back to the old days when we developed for dial up Internet speeds. More and more users are surfing the web on their phones and tablets. If you are building a new web site make sure your developer is building a responsive web design template. If you need a developer to build you a responsive, web design contact IDP for a responsive web design proposal.

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