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ASP .Net web applications are very common on the Internet today. An ASP .Net solution is normally developed using Microsoft Visual Studio software in conjunction with a Microsoft Windows Server. ASP .Net applications are very powerful and functionality can be added quickly and easily for your web site. There are large libraries of functionality that can be added to your project. IDP has been building ASP .Net applications since 2003 and we have a large client base of customer web sites that we host, develop and maintain.

Example Web Applications

There are many advantages by building your application on a Web Based Framework. The possibilities for access, and the type of applications you can create are endless. Here are some examples:

  • ASP .Net Appointment Scheduling
  • ASP .Net E-Commerce Applications
  • ASP .Net Sales Forecasting Tools
  • ASP .Net Customer Service Applications
  • ASP .Net Microsite Systems
  • ASP .Net Shipping / UPS / Fedex Integration
  • ASP .Net Automation of Tasks to streamline your business
  • ASP .Net Product Management

ASP .Net Administrator Back-end Pages

IDP builds custom Admin pages for clients to login to and view data. Normally the admin page is built using JQuery data tables. The data is loaded into a grid with columns and rows. The client can login to the admin data grid pages and view data, filters columns, search and download data to a CSV file. Sometimes there are associated detail pages along with the general main view. It all depends on the project and scope of work. This type of web development is all custom programming.

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