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IDP programs custom CRM solutions according to our clients’ specifications. The CRM solutions are built specifically to meet the needs of the business or call center. Our CRM systems are web based. They do not require the installation of software on local computers. A reliable Internet connection is required. Users access the system with a URL, username and password. Our web developers can develop custom CRM application or we can integrate with CRM software and connect your website lead delivery system to your CRM application.

Our lead management systems allow you to view and work leads in a unique way. Instead of a generic system that your business has to adapt to, we program a custom solution that matches your current lead management workflow. Our CRM systems allow you to assign leads to specific agents, change the status of a lead depending on the activities associated with it, view lead data in a variety of pageviews and collect and save additional information during the sales process. Or if we are integrating with existing CRM software we can assign that lead to a user in the CRM software. The lead can be populated in the CRM software with any data collected on a web form.

Eligibility Calculators & Quote Request Forms

We can also build unique eligibility and quoting calculators that can determine lead eligibility quickly and easily before the lead is put into your CRM system. Our unique eligibility / quote calculators are very powerful and can increase call center efficiency and reduce the amount of time agents spend with ineligible leads. The eligibility calculators are custom programmed according to your specific specifications. We have a lot of experience in the insurance industry and have developed quote request forms with knockout questions, SIC code and class code logic requirements.

Custom Integration with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM Software

IDP has experience integrating with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM software. We can connect your website to your CRM software and populate the data from web forms into your CRM solution. We can do custom programming with the Salesforce API and develop Salesforce sync programming. Additional modules can be built into our CRM solutions. We have experience programming appointment calendar modules, agent search and admin search modules, stat center reporting modules, user administration and performance modules, direct mail integration, Google and Yahoo pay per click lead integration and more.

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