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What is a marketing microsite?

A microsite is a small Website that is specifically designed to market a precise message to a targeted audience.

A microsite is a special web site with a unique URL that is planned, designed and built for the sole purpose of lead generation. Marketing strategies and conversion paths are designed in order to get potential customers to register their contact information. The microsite stores the lead data in a database that can be used for future marketing and sales activities. Marketing microsites focus on lead generation and do not take the place of the traditional business web site. They are usually developed in addition to the normal business web site.

IDP specializes in custom built marketing microsites. Our microsite can be very simple in order to be affordable to any size business. We also build very sophisticated microsites for larger companies needing more robust and powerful microsites. We have also built custom CRM systems on the back end in order to manage all of the leads coming in from the front end microsite. IDP has been building web based microsites since 2003 with a lot of experience in the insurance industry. IDP has built product microsites, whitepaper microsites, get a quote microsites and microsites built to support direct mail campaigns.

How does a Microsite work?

Internet leads are directed down a marketing conversion path which ends with a registration form to capture potential customers contact information. The customer lead information is captured and stored in a secure database and available for the business to download. The download of leads can be very simple, or it can be developed into a lead management system. The goal of a marketing microsite is to generate new leads and capture contact information for future sales and marketing activities.

Conversion path lead generating microsites work best with direct marketing activities like direct mail, Google and Yahoo pay per click, organic search engine marketing and other marketing strategies. Conversion path microsites will not work unless you can direct traffic to the conversion path pages. Marketing microsites are commonly used as part of an overall marketing strategy or campaign.

Microsite Call to Action

Marketing microsites must have a compelling call to action. Many microsites offer something of value in return for customer registration. For example, a free offer might include Internet gift certificates, free information or informative guides, free quotes and special memberships. A clear call to action is necessary in order to drive customer registration. Special offers are delivered via email automatically after customer registration is complete. Customers must give their correct email address in order to receive a special offer. Fulfilling the offer can be automated and custom programmed.

Please contact us for more information and pricing. We would be happy to discuss your unique business marketing needs with you.

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