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Web submit form data is automatically populated into a nicely formatted PDF file and emailed as an attachment to the client and customer

Web site submit forms are great. Everyone has to have one for your contact us, free quote, RFP and online applications. What do your submit forms look like when you receive them? Ugly text only email document with no formatting? What do you do with these emails after you receive them?

IDP has experience custom programming PDFs to populate form data on the completed PDF. We convert the submit form data into a nicely formatted PDF document and email it to you as an attachment. You can easily save these PDF file web leads, applications and forms or print them.

How does PDF population work?

We take your existing web site forms, save the data to a database and then map the fields to automatically populate a PDF document. You can supply both the PDF documents and the web form, or we can create both for you. When a user on your web site submits the web form, the fields are automatically populated into the PDF document and then emailed as an attachment. PDF explosion is perfect for collecting online applications that are ready to print and file. Do you waste valuable time manually filling out applications that are submitted via the Internet? We can automate this process for you and increase your office efficiencies.

Useful Applications for PDF Explosion

PDF explosion is a technique we have developed for our clients so that they receive a usable document when someone fills out an online application on their web site. For example, if you have an employment application on the web, IDP can add programming so that when you receive the employment application it is ready to print and file in a human resources folder. Or if you have long credit/loan applications that have to be transcribed onto a particular form, we can automatically do this for you. We have developed a lot of insurance related PDF population projects. For example insurance applications and Accord forms that get populated automatically onto a completed Accord form PDF. We can also program a custom admin page where you can see all applications stored in the database, edit the data and re-generate the completed PDF with the new data.

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